Divorce Parties Are The New Way To Celebrate A Fresh Start In Your Life

Divorce is never easy. Choosing to separate from someone that you thought would be in your life forever is a huge decision to make. Often, it takes a lot of time, stress, and money to fully disentangle your life from a partner. Beyond the logistics of divorce, there are inevitably many emotions that can resurface once your separation is finalized.

While some may feel weightless and relieved, others can really struggle with grief: mourning the relationship that has ultimately died. Regardless of how you choose to handle your post-divorce emotions, the reality is that strong, healthy, and loving marriages are not the ones that end. Many relationship trials eventually lead to one partner calling it quits or a mutual decision to separate.

It can feel difficult in the midst of the chaos, but once the dust settles, reflecting on why your marriage needed to end can help you find peace in the aftermath. Plus, one of the best ways newly single people can embrace the next chapter of their life is to celebrate their divorce with a party. This decision might seem gauche or unnecessary to some, but it can actually make a huge difference in the healing process. 

What's the purpose of a divorce party?

Divorce coach Dori Shwirtz explained to Oprah Daily that a divorce party is seen as a "right of passage" for divorcees because it not only helps them find hope for the future but it allows men and women to recognize the loved ones they have all around them.

While badmouthing an ex with your friends can be therapeutic, a divorce party is actually not the time or place for venting that negativity. Instead, the focus should be on celebrating the individual person who is entering another single era of life. It can be easy to have regrets about past decisions but the purpose of a divorce party is not about rehashing toxic memories. The goal is to inspire hope and build excitement for a promising future.

Looking forward instead of backward is definitely the central focus, but that doesn't mean there can't be other themes tied in. Some people choose to have a "divorce shower" where they can receive gifts and household staples they might need again. Similarly, you can have a karaoke or movie night centered around growth, independence, or singleness. If you've been wondering how to help someone close to you as they face divorce, this type of party might be just what they need.

Your life isn't over after a divorce

Learning how to handle the emotional stress of a divorce can be exhausting. The process of divorce creates a difficult season for many reasons. Separating from your spouse will alter the course of your life, but it doesn't mean that your life is over. Your path is simply different than what you may have foreseen when you first got married. The life you once knew is gone but there can still be beauty in the rebuilding process, which is what a divorce party is meant to celebrate. You are a different person post-divorce than you were pre-marriage, which means you can celebrate this opportunity to discover yourself again.

According to Healthline, accepting your divorce is essential in your healing journey. Instead of getting stuck in the "what ifs" of life, focusing on what you can control is key. While it will likely take time to work through the positive and negative emotions that come up, choosing to celebrate your divorce can also be a way of celebrating yourself. You survived something hard and that deserves to be acknowledged. 

Not only is a divorce party a way of externally embracing your singleness, but it can also help with that internal acceptance. Surrounding yourself with friends and family is a good reminder that love still surrounds you.