Creamsicle Glazed Nails Are The Nail Trend That Will Leave You Thirsty

Many of the best Met Gala looks are a bit too intricate (or too wild) to recreate at home. However, the manicures of the glamorous attendees are chic and sometimes simple enough for anyone to try, either by themselves or with the help of their usual manicurist. For example, at the 2022 Met Gala, Hailey Bieber's glazed donut manicure — essentially, sculpted talons with a pearly white sheen akin to the glaze of a donut — inspired many to wear the mani themselves.

Zola Ganzorigt, a manicurist to the stars, created the glazed manicure for Bieber and has made variations of it in plenty of different colors. Bieber has rocked a fresh lemonade yellow manicure too, while Kylie Jenner showcased her own glazed nails on Instagram. Her glazed nails are a dreamy, summery orange, similar to a popular dessert bar that you may have seen at your local grocery store or neighborhood ice cream truck. Naturally, they looked good enough to eat. 

Dessert inspiration makes for a tasty manicure

Nail art being inspired by foods, desserts, or other sweet treats is not a new trend, of course. In addition to Zola Ganzorigt's rainbow of glazed donut manicures, strawberry milk nails have stirred up the nail industry with their sleek and creamy look. Elsewhere, the champagne frosted nails trend takes the glazed look to the next level by incorporating shimmery glitter as well, to emulate the fizzy drink it's named after.

The glazed nature of Kylie Jenner's recent orange manicure makes the shade softer than a harsh neon — less a glaring "Road Work Ahead" sign and more like the outer layer of a Creamsicle. For the uninitiated, Creamsicles are an ice cream bar on a stick manufactured by the Good Humor ice cream company. They have an orange sherbet coating and a classic vanilla ice cream center.

Although Ganzorigt has yet to share the exact polish that she used for Jenner's Creamsicle mani, you should be able to find a similar shade. One example is Dior's 231 Tender. Likewise, Orly's Push the Limit is an orangish-coral that would work too, and OPI's Orange You Going to the Game is an option with a little extra shimmer — although to get the glazed sheen, you can also use a chrome powder under a final top coat polish. 

Variations on the creamsicle glazed nails

Some TikTokers have put their own unique spin on the creamsicle glazed nails trend. In the above video, TikTok user @naomiluvsbubba shared her glazed donut French manicure where the tips of her nails were the creamsicle color, calling it, "THE nail color you need this spring." Likewise, fellow TikToker @Studio_358 posted a video featuring a stunning, glazed ombré design. The bottom half of her nails was a nude color and the top was painted bright orange.

The colors were blended in the center and then the entire nail was made to look like the classic glazed donut manicure. Elsewhere, @LightsLacquer shared an homage to Kylie Jenner's nails but used a paler orange for their manicure. Instead of the bright creamsicle orange, the polish is more of a peachy color. 

If you're looking for a fun, bright, and super summery nail trend, you should definitely give creamsicle glazed nails a try. Whether you paint the classic glazed way or experiment with one of the various styles, your citrus-inspired nails will look delectable and refreshing no matter the weather.