Holographic Makeup Is All The Rage For Spring 2023 - Here's How To Pull It Off

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There are plenty of old-school makeup trends making a comeback — but at the moment, Disney's 1999 hit "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" is the most apparent influence for our new go-to makeup look. This girl of the "future" would flip for the holographic makeup trend taking over spring 2023, and honoring our 2000s-era predecessors means building upon their shimmering legacy. Yes, we've been adding a glowing highlight to our cheekbones for years, and we love this special step in our makeup routines. But a holographic effect means taking charge of our face's dimensions in a brand new way. 

We're still planning our next trips to Ulta and figuring out how to get Sephora's free makeovers, but we're holding out hope for that perfect addition to our favorite looks. Taking cues from some of our celebrity beauty moguls, we're ready to usher in the spring, breaking out our warm weather clothes and finding a new source of effervescence.

This trend adds shimmering dimension

If you want to start the holographic illusion from the base of your makeup application, you can grab a tinted moisturizer like Slip Tint's, which adds a naturally flattering shine along with evening your skin tone. If you aren't into buying highlighter on its own, you can also add custom enhancer drops to your foundation or moisturizer for that extra glow.

The kaleidoscope rainbow highlighter from Chaos Makeup could have you ready for the spring release of "The Little Mermaid" just in time to usher in a hot girl summer. The haloscope from Glossier is a more neutral alternative with beneficial vitamins and moisture. Using these products on your cheekbones creates a flattering shape around your eyes, where you can go all out with shadows that add to the holographic illusion. The Twin Flames liquid eyeshadow at Sephora has a wand for easy application. If you want to go all-out with the trend and get tons of looks in one, the cosmic blur set from Sephora may be calling your name: it comes with an iridescent jelly highlight — perfect for cheeks, lids, your brow line, and even lips — along with matching nail color.

You can mix warm and cool tones

What's arguably the coolest element of a holographic look? The way you play with the cool and warm tones already in your skin. Whether your holographic stick from Milk comes in peachy and purplish shades, its perfect for mixing up the palette on your cheeks or eyelids for a colorful 3-D effect. Other cool-toned products you can add include the Kevyn Aucoin molten lip color or the holographic lip gloss in iridescent lavender from Milk. These silvery colors on your usually warm-toned lips will create an exciting contrast, drawing attention to your mouth in the best way. Ulta also carries a dewy lip gloss that comes in shades of rouge if you're looking for a subtler approach to the holographic trend.

L'Oréal's galaxy stick is also sure to bring you out-of-this-world vibes, and you can even use it to highlight body parts like your collarbones for added celestial mystique. And if you're all about the futuristic vibe, you can extend the theme to your makeup bag with an iridescent travel pouch from Target.