35 Nail Art Ideas That Will Have Your Manicure Wedding Ready

Just like most things bridal, deciding on your wedding manicure can feel utterly overwhelming. Not as much as figuring out how much money to save for your wedding, but there's no denying you want your day perfect without being too pricey, and more than anything you want to feel beautiful when you're walking down the aisle. Picking a nail set that makes you smile is key. If a classic French manicure is your speed, that's wonderful. However, many brides are looking for something just a little bit different. They want a wow factor.

Since the French manicure and the ombré are two of the most widely-seen wedding manicures, a lot of brides are opting to ask their nail technicians to do a spin on them in order to achieve something that will stick out and awe their guests. Whether that means adding some glitter or a few dots or hearts, brides are pleasantly surprised at what a difference such a little detail can make.

If you're still trying to figure out what you want on your special day, or you don't want to completely leave it in the hands of your nail tech, check out these wedding manicures that are original, stylish, and customizable. 

Metallic monogrammed nails

Your special day wouldn't be complete without your partner, so why not honor them on your nails? This super subtle and sweet touch is perfect for the minimalistic bride who doesn't want the same old French manicure. It's small and dainty enough to not take attention away from your beautiful dress, but unique enough to stand out when greeting your guests. It's guaranteed that everyone will have something nice to say about this delicate detail. Plus, the gold metallic lettering can pair with some gold accessories and wedding accents. 

Angled French manicure

French manicures are the go-to for a lot of brides. Why? Because it's a crisp, clean, and classic look that never goes out of style. It also matches everything, so you don't have to worry about clashing with your bridesmaids. This angled French mani is feminine and chic. The extra angle of the white lines adds a little something-something and is perfect for a classic bride. To amp it up even more, a metallic glitter line could be added to outline and enhance the shape. 

White flowers with rhinestones and flakes

Flowers always have a place in your wedding, so why not add them to your nails too? These full white flowers are subtle enough to blend into any wedding, yet so detailed when you take an up-close peek. With rhinestone centers and gold flake accents, they appear to be 3-D and will totally wow your guests and your partner-to-be. Pair them with draping earrings and silver or gold accessories and the whole look will be tied in together. 

Something blue springtime nails

Do you want to add a little something blue without it totally taking over your outfit? Then this look might be the look for you. These bluebell nails are perfect for a springtime wedding and it helps keep the something blue tradition alive without having to wear cobalt blue shoes or jewelry. The small brush lines of blue and green create a beautiful garden right on your fingertips. Adding a few blue flowers to your bouquet will bring together the whole aesthetic. 

Nude with white flowers

Many brides aim for something that doesn't stand out too much, but of course, on the wedding day, the bride should stand out in every way. This white floral signature nail paired with a nude set is simple yet breathtaking. It slips right into the general wedding color guidelines (i.e. white) but is in no way basic. The line work on the signature nail is dainty and romantic and reminiscent of roses or peonies. It's perfect for any bride looking to stick with traditional colors. 

Black and white French manicure

This French manicure with black and white detailing is chic and daring. Who says brides can't wear black? The French style keeps it classic but the black lines definitely add an edge. This nail set is reminiscent of the classic black and pink French look that we all love for birthday parties and baby showers. So, why not add it to your wedding too? This would look just darling with some added black accents around the wedding space. The black detail on these nails is calling for a ballroom venue. 

White nails with gold glitter accents

Your wedding day is all about being the most glamorous one in the room, and your nails should represent that. The gold and white trend is one of the more opulent choices you can opt for. Choosing this neutral and topping it off with gold glitter signature nails creates a stunning work of art that your guests will adore. Thankfully, these colors can blend right into any wedding, no matter what your color scheme is.

Something blue heart nails

If you're a traditional bride who likes a bit of drama, these something blue nails with signature blue tips and hearts will match your vibe. The mix-and-match style of this manicure is interesting yet coherent, casual yet synchronized. The different shades of blue used for the dripping heart design are eye-catching and tie into the classic white included in every wedding. Consider pairing this with a bouquet that has blue flowers to create a cohesive bridal look. 

French manicure with pearl accents

There is nothing more classic than a set of pearls, any woman will tell you that. They're the signature gem for an upper-class feminine look. They can be great last-minute details to add to accents throughout your wedding. Add them to your veil, your bouquet wrap, flower arrangements, and of course, your nails. This French manicure with pearl is so lovely and subtle. If you're looking for something that will never go out of style, this may be the look for you. This classic look is here to stay. 

Pressed flowers and gold flakes

Pressed flower decor has been trending in the wedding scene for the past few years and these nails do not disappoint. Paired with gold flakes for a little glam, pressed flower manicures give off vintage vibes. Perfect for any outdoor spring or summertime setting, these nails will pair well with a wildflower bouquet and colorful bridesmaids. The colors of the flowers are customizable so you can do a mix, like above, or stick to your ceremony colors. It's completely up to you!

Pink with white dots

Pink and white are two colors you can never go wrong with when it comes to bridal nails. In the wedding world, pink is considered a neutral and it pairs well with other neutrals such as white, gold, and silver. This polka dot design with pink and white is just the cutest. It's more fun than a traditional ombré or French style, while still radiating class. The long-square shape is trending right now, but you could opt for a shorter or rounder tip if it fits your personal style better.

Rounded arch French manicure

This double-rounded arch French manicure is pure taste. The brush lines have a bit of a '60s groovy vibe to them, but they're simple enough to wear in any decade. This is a class A example of how to modernize and upgrade a French manicure without losing its essence. Consider gold or silver glitter outlines for this if you want to sparkle a little. Or perhaps some black to create a bit of a mod look. 

Pink and sparkle tips

Ballet pink nails have made a permanent place for themselves in the bridal world because it adds a little glam to a natural look. These gorgeous ballet pink nails accented with a thin pink glitter tip are so lowkey enchanting and incredibly girly and romantic. With such an elegant look on your nails, a little glitz on your dress is the ideal companion. Every bride deserves a little sparkle, so be sure to add some to your nails too. 

White nails with iridescent sparkles

Clean white nails continue to be a top choice for brides everywhere. But, some brides like to be a little bigger and bolder than just plain white. Iridescent sparkles feathered all over the nail are a creative way to amp up that white manicure and make it something worth staring at. The iridescent sparkles are so fun because they catch the light and faintly shine in beautiful blues, purples, and greens. These are more than just wedding nails, they're also reception nails that are ready to party.

Blue floral French manicure

A little something blue is added to this French manicure in the form of a blue flower. Admittedly, many something blue nails are a little too bold for brides. A lot of brides prefer a nude or classic look that doesn't overshadow the other imagery of their wedding, especially their dress. This subtle something blue French manicure is simple enough for any bride. It's a surefire guarantee that no other bride will have nails like this.

Dreamy pink and white swirls

This pink and white swirl twist (literally) on the French manicure is super cute and girly. The bubblegum pink is brighter than most bridal pinks but the white soothes it to make it calm enough for your big day. The double lines themselves, though curved, remind you of a classic French set. These nails are fitting for a spring or summer wedding that's heavy on floral decor, preferably pink and white. Pair it with some pearls for a classy princess look.

Pink stripes and pearl hearts

If you want to stand out while staying loyal to the more traditional wedding color palette of white and pink, these are the nails for you. With total Minnie Mouse vibes, these nails are screaming for attention with shades of pink and pearl hearts. If you're in love with these nails, but the pink clashes with your vision or you'd rather match your bridesmaids, it's easy to swap out the colors for shades that match your special day. 

Swirly pastels

Pastels are not only for Easter, but they are also wedding-appropriate. Springtime brides love incorporating pastels because 'tis the season. Plus, they're so fun, welcoming, and vibrant, which are total goal vibes for a wedding. These swirls will remind you of rainbow sherbert and if these are your dream nails, it's easy to add some other touches around your wedding to accommodate this color scheme. From flowers to bridesmaids' dresses, there is always room for pretty pastels.

White and gold glitter marble

Gold and white glitter marble make for a set of dynamite nails. If you want to shimmer and shine all night long, don this stunning manicure on your big day. Optimal for any season and setting, these nails use the natural look of pink and white to remain classy, but the gold glitter is perfect to add a little sparkling touch to your look. If gold isn't your thing or if you're not a fan of mixing metals, swap it with silver to complement your accessories. 

Matte nails with glitter and gems

The matte look became hot a few years back and it's certainly stuck around. These matte mauve and cabernet nails with gem and glitter accents are the definition of luxurious. The neutral cabernet and mauve colors are a hit in the wedding world, often paired with other colors such as a desert rose and a softer blush pink. Combining these smooth colors with bling allows you to be a little over the top, while still holding onto a classic look. 

French manicure with doodle hearts

Of course, wedding days are all about love, so shouldn't your nails represent that? This adorable doodle-style heart signature nail makes you think back to high school, doodling your crush's name in a notebook. The look of the nail is girly and innocent, and paired with a French manicure set, allows it to be subdued enough to fit right into your wedding, no matter the style. So, if you want a cute little detail that makes you feel youthful, this may be the nail set for you.

Colorful floral border

Many brides are opting to leave their nails colorless for a more minimal and natural look because it ties in with the vibe of their wedding. Let's face it, a minimalist wedding can reduce your bridal stress and save you some serious cash. To achieve this minimalist style, it's easy to add a little something without brushing a color all over your nails. A floral border is a perfect solution. Picking out colors for the flowers that match your wedding scheme is a great way to blend your whole day together.

Spring pastel tips

Again, with the pastels. It's hard to get enough of the bright and cheery colors associated with springtime and the birth of life. And since your wedding day is the start of a new life together, why not add some pastels into the mix? These pastel tips are simple, but so colorful and fun. Who would have thought that just changing the color of a French manicure could add a whole new vibe? Seriously, it's like looking at a totally different design. 

Purple butterfly design

Butterflies aren't for everyone, and that's OK, but butterfly nails for spring weddings are totally in. Butterflies, being a symbol of transformation have been appearing more and more at weddings from decor to the ritual of releasing butterflies during the ceremony. They're a beautiful metaphor and these nails do it justice. The mix of purples is ideal for a garden wedding during lilac season. Your guests will without a doubt fawn over this gorgeous design. 

White with silver flakes

Clean white nails, yes, please. Clean white nails with silver flakes? Even better. This versatile design using a metallic and a neutral is a game-changer. No longer do you have to choose between simple and glam, these nails have it all. Whether you're celebrating in a snowy winter wonderland or under the hot Tuscan sun, these nails are a stunning addition to any scenery. Being versatile, these nails will stay in fashion past your wedding day, so you don't have to worry about running to the salon. 

Neutral greenery design

Mustard yellow and creamy beige and tan neutrals are ideal for a late summer or fall wedding. This design incorporates those natural colors we see during that time of year and combines them with white leaf and stem designs that are each different but work well together. Imagine these nails holding a wildflower or greenery-filled bouquet with sunflowers accents, next to a bridal party decked out in mustard yellow and burnt orange. Fall weddings are so beautiful.

Metallic gold tips

Yes, it's another variation of a French manicure, but it's worth the attention. Two words: metallic gold. That's right, skip the white and add some metallic gold tips to that ballet pink base. The gold shimmer of the metallic adds just enough sparkle without blinding everyone in the room. You'll feel classy and elegant with painted tips but unique and dramatic with the simple gold accent. Not a fan of gold? Silver metallic is just as chic.

Glam flowers with red tips

It's so fun to have nails that are mixed and matched, but when combined create one stunning look. These nails are a prime example of just that. With red flowers on some, red tips on others, and then a solid blush pink, this nail set is eye-catching. The pink and flowers are romantic and tropical-looking, wonderful for a destination wedding in the tropics, but also suitable for a spring or summer wedding, wherever you may be.

Gold leaf tips

Have you ever seen nails that look like a work of art? If not, then look at these. With a nude colored, but glossy base, these nails have a major wow factor of metallic gold leaves and lines. The metallic gold leaves will remind you of Roman-style jewelry and headpieces (which would look fab with these nails). The shape of the design has a French manicure look without being too old-school for the modern-day bride. Plus, it gives you some shimmer and shine when the sun hits.

White and lilac mandala nails

Yes, white floral is all over the place, but this white floral is new and different. Its mandala-like quality feels so boho, and the lilac base color adds to the dreaminess of this manicure. Natural, peaceful, and calming are three words to describe these nails, and who doesn't want to feel calm and relaxed on their wedding day? These bohemian nails would pair with a similarly-styled lace dress and bare feet or minimalist jeweled sandals.

Bedazzled pink

These pink bedazzled nails are a must-have for any Barbie bride. The rainbow-colored gems stacked on fingernails will help your wedding band shine even brighter. Try these for a ballroom setting or an outdoor summertime wedding where pink is in the color scheme. This is for the flashy bride who's looking to make a statement and start the party early. This elevated design featuring mix-and-match nails with colored gems is ready to rock the runway or the aisle. 

Lavender haze inspired nails

Thank Taylor Swift for the increase of lavender-colored everything. The lavender haze is having a major effect on everyone. Typically a spring color, now lavender is for all seasons. In winter, paired with silver, it's magical. No matter when your wedding is, this lavender color with a clear coat of iridescent sparkles on ring finger nails creates a dreamy and mystic vibe. These nails are subtle and delicate enough to blend into any wedding theme. They are straight out of a fairytale. 

Cut-out French Manicure with glitter

This French manicure with a modern stylish cut-out looks like an abstract piece of art by Piet Mondrian, with its boxes, angles, and geometric qualities. The sharp angles and the centered gem will give your nails a little pop and create a look that's not as boring as the traditional French manicure or the classic ombré! These nails are the most elegant way to make a statement on your wedding day, without clashing with your gown. 

Shades of paint strokes

This set looks fabulous as it is, but one good thing about this set is that it's completely customizable. The mix of colors here is to die for. These mixed with the gold glitter and paint stroke style, make for a modern and artsy-looking set. The brush lines are not only artsy but also delicate, as they feather down the nail. If these bold colors aren't for you, throw some white or neutrals in there for a traditional touch, or match your bridesmaids and decor. 

Dainty black heart

Black is no longer taboo at a wedding. Black looks great on everyone, including the bride. So if you're personal style is a little edgy and your closet is loaded with black clothes, a little black heart on your nails isn't going to clash with your special day. In fact, this dainty black heart detail looks modern, yet classy, on the lightly ombré'd nails. When it comes to style, you can never go wrong with black and white.