How King Charles Reportedly Feels About Meghan, Archie, And Lilibet Skipping His Coronation

After months of speculation about whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, would attend King Charles III's coronation, we finally have answers. Harry has announced he will be attending the event, though his last-minute decision allegedly caused chaos during coronation rehearsals.

Although guests were to respond to their invitation by April 3rd, Harry's RSVP did not arrive until earlier this week. Editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine and royal expert, Ingrid Seward, shared that Harry had no choice but to attend. She told the hosts of GBNews, "As the son of the monarch, he was commanded to attend his father's Coronation, and it would have been an unforgivable public insult for him to refuse."

Though Harry will be there, his wife and children will be noticeably missing. The statement made by the Sussexes shared that Meghan will stay in California with the couple's young children. Now, a source is dishing about how Charles feels regarding his daughter-in-law skipping his big day.

Charles may be upset about Meghan's absence

There is no denying that tensions between the Sussexes and the rest of the royal brood are still raging on. Meghan's choice to skip the ceremony may not come as a surprise to royal fans, but how does the family feel about this decision? A source told The Sun how Charles is responding to the news.

"The King is happy that Harry, his son, who he calls his 'darling boy,' will be at the Abbey," the source dished. "He wanted him there. It is sad, he is very disappointed that he won't see Meghan or his grandchildren but understands the situation." The coronation will be held on May 6, which also happens to be the fourth birthday of Harry and Meghan's son, Prince Archie. As a result, Meghan is staying behind to celebrate. The children were not invited to the ceremony, but only because of their age.

It seems the king understands the position his daughter-in-law is in, at least according to this unnamed source.