Why You Never Want To Scrub Your Eye Makeup Off

Makeup is an extremely personal and creative outlet for many people. Whether you enjoy a more minimalistic makeup look or a full face of products, it can be a great way to express who you currently are. Of course, eyeliner, mascara, and that smokey eye look with all the bright eyeshadows will have to come off sooner or later. Sometimes, it can feel like removing your makeup is the hardest part.

There is nothing quite like that feeling of dread that overtakes you when you get home after a long day and want so badly to crawl into bed when you remember that you still have to wash your face. According to Short Hills Dermatology, sleeping in your makeup is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Not only can it increase your acne, clog your pores, and even rub off on your pillowcase, but it also ages your skin by stopping its "renewal" process.

However, how you take your makeup off can be just as important as remembering to remove it in general. While you may be tempted to slather your face in a cleanser and aggressively scrub your eyes until all the black mascara streaks are gone, that is not the best approach. In fact, experts strongly discourage any sort of scrubbing around your eyes because of the damage you'll do to your skin.

Your skincare routine is not something to rush through

While tugging, pulling, wiping, and rubbing eyes are all very common techniques used when trying to remove that stubborn eye makeup, these methods are far too harsh for the sensitive skin around your eyes. It can be easy to think that the harder and faster you scrub, the sooner your makeup will be off, but washing your face is truly a labor of love.

Licensed esthetician Adi Kempler explained to PureWow that those who irritate the sensitive skin around their eyes will often see it turn red or become inflamed. One of the more long-term effects of consistently scrubbing your eye makeup off is increased wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes. This can age your skin, leaving it looking thin and dry.

Another common product that many people reach for when they are in a rush to remove their makeup is a makeup wipe. Unfortunately, makeup wipes have many of their own problems that don't make them an ideal choice. While the ingredients in makeup wipes alone are filled with chemicals that can be harsh on your skin, the amount of pressure that's typically needed to actually remove eye makeup is harmful. Quickly scrubbing your eyes to get that mascara or eyeliner to come off will inevitably cause your skin to age prematurely.

How do you effectively remove eye makeup?

Since incorrectly removing your makeup is so detrimental to your skin, it leaves many wondering exactly how to clean their face. Certain makeup products can definitely be hard to remove, especially since many opt for waterproof mascara. Therefore, finding the best cleanser for your skin type is a great first step.

It may also be a good idea to consider adding a second cleanser into your routine. Oftentimes, those who double cleanse use the first one to gently remove most of their makeup and use the second one to give their skin a deep clean. Once you find the best products for double cleansing, according to your skin type, you'll need to focus on your technique, especially around your eyes.

Esthetician Renée Rouleau explained to Byrdie that the first step in removing eye makeup involves soaking a cloth in makeup remover and holding it on your eyes without rubbing. This allows the makeup to break down without any excess scrubbing or tugging on the skin. After about half a minute, you can lightly start wiping the makeup away using upward and downward sweeps. Much of effective makeup removal simply involves intentionality. Try to be present during your nighttime skincare routine and remind yourself why you are taking the time to care for your skin now. Of course, your future self will definitely thank you.