Royal Expert Predicts Meghan's Post-Coronation Future

With recent reports that Meghan Markle will skip King Charles' coronation while Prince Harry travels alone to make an appearance, it's clear that the Duchess of Sussex has been lying low recently. Since the release of Prince Harry's controversial memoir, "Spare," the couple has received endless criticism after Harry made some startling revelations about the royal family.

While Meghan's career has been far from quiet, with the release of her podcast, "Archetypes," in 2020, as well as her and Harry's Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan" in 2022, she has taken a long break from the spotlight. According to the Mirror, Meghan Markle is planning to relaunch her career and her personal brand and is waiting until after the coronation to do so. Per the Daily Mail, the "Suits" star has only been spotted out and about a handful of times since "Harry & Meghan" aired four months ago, with many believing she is working on new projects to be shared soon.

Meghan Markle is working on her personal brand

There is speculation that Meghan Markle may have attended the coronation if she had something to personally gain from it. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told the Daily Mail, "Meghan was asked to the Coronation but her decision not to go is clearly evidence that she regards herself as totally distanced from the royal family. She has the excuse of Archie's birthday, but if she thought it would benefit their brand, she would be there." 

That being said, Meghan has plenty going on without flying across the pond to her father-in-law's coronation. Not only does she have two little ones to look after, but some think she may be busy with a relaunch of her lifestyle website, The Tig. The site was shut down in 2017 ahead of her engagement to Prince Harry. Per The Sun Online, Meghan has been given a trademark that will allow her to relaunch The Tig, which reportedly earned as much as $80,000 per year while up and running.

Meghan may be planning to relaunch her website

Many believe the relaunch of The Tig could be quite successful if done strategically and at the right time. David Olusegun, founder of Creative Control Ventures, told Express, "By leveraging her expertise and personal brand, and creating engaging, high-quality content, The Tig could become a valuable asset for Meghan and a key element of her overall branding strategy. There are several ways that Meghan could potentially monetize The Tig brand."

With the relaunch of The Tig, Meghan could share snippets of her life as well as content regarding personal relationships. If successful, the Duchess of Sussex could monetize her website through affiliate marketing — where she can recommend products and services, and earn a commission from each purchase. The website also opens up opportunities for possible brand collaborations, sponsored content, advertisements, and live events and workshops. With the website, Meghan would be able to curate personal content and share her thoughts through her lens.

Could Meghan be planning a Hollywood comeback?

In the documentary "Harry and Meghan: What Next?," (via The Mirror), royal author Phil Dampier said, "The Sussexes reportedly have other projects in the pipeline with Netflix, non-related to the royals, and I think that will be good for them, to concentrate on those for a while." 

With Meghan Markle taking time away from the royal family, it could be the break she needs to focus on her rebrand, which could include a return to more than one past venture. It has been rumored that the Duchess of Sussex has hired Adam Lilling, an entrepreneur and one of Hollywood's top dealmakers. Mayah Riaz, a celebrity manager, told The Mirror, "By hiring Adam [Lilling], known as Hollywood's 'fixer,' Meghan could be looking for a career in Hollywood." 

While Meghan could potentially be planning to make a comeback in her acting career, PR experts speculate she won't be committing to any long-term projects as she did previously. "I doubt she would go back to any longer commitment roles such as 'Suits' or any other TV series," Riaz said.