Lemonade Nails Are A Bright Upgrade To Your Chrome Manicure

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Hailey Bieber's opalescent white nails at the 2022 Met Gala re-popularized the chrome manicure trend with a tasty twist — her talons were dubbed the glazed donut manicure. Bieber's manicurist Zola Ganzorigt has recreated the look for her with other "donut flavors," including strawberry pink and chocolate brown. But, for the spring and summer months, Bieber opted for glazed donut nails painted a refreshing lemonade yellow. 

Ganzorigt posted Instagram tutorials on how to do classic glazed nails and the lemonade variation. To get the look, first, paint your nails with a base coat and cure them. Then, combine two polish colors to achieve the desired lemonade shade — Ganzorigt uses the gel versions of Don't Tell a Sol and Blinded By the Ring Light by OPI. They're only available to salons, but the regular polishes in those colors can be bought by anyone online. 

Next, cure the nails and add a top coat. Cure them again and wipe them with an alcohol wipe. To glaze your nails, use a small brush to add some chrome powder on top. Ganzorigt uses Tin Man Can chrome powder, also from OPI, but similar options can be found on Amazon. Lastly, add a final layer of top coat, cure once more, and your manicure is ready! So, if you want to trade your chocolate glazed donut nails for something brighter, the following manis should provide some great inspiration. 

Iced lemonade

The original poster of this lemonade manicure definitely got their inspiration from Hailey Bieber. They captioned the photo "Passion fruit glaze," a reference to the Passionfruit Jelly lip treatment sold by Bieber's skincare company, Rhode (Bieber debuted her lemonade nails in the product photos and videos for Rhode's Passionfruit lip treatment, too). For this look, follow Zola Ganzorigt's instructions by mixing yellow and white or cream nail polish colors together and adding chrome powder on top. These nails are an almond shape, but you can also paint yours this color while having the nail shape that fits your fingers best.

Pushing daisies

Nothing shouts "spring" quite like a bouquet of blooming flowers. To add a little flower power to your glazed lemonade manicure, paint flowers or add flower nail decals to it. In the example above, the manicurist painted simple white daisies with pink middles on each nail. They kept the flowers very small and elegant and placed them in a different spot on each nail. You can do a variation of this look by making the flowers bigger or picking a different flower — a sunflower might look great on lemonade yellow nails, for instance. 

Pink lemonade

Two springtime colors are always better than one. Consider combining your lemonade glazed donut manicure with another eye-popping shade. In the example above, the manicurist used lemonade yellow and strawberry pink as the base colors. On the pink nails, they added tiny strawberries and grapefruit wedges to make the look extra refreshing. You could also combine lemonade yellow with a burnt orange or key lime green to stick with citrus theming, or you could do yellow on every nail and include an accent nail with a lemon or lemon wedge nail decal.

Two trends in one

You can combine the ombré trend with your glazed lemonade manicure too. In this example, nail beauty company Daily Charme added a gradient effect on pointy, stiletto-shaped nails. Get this look yourself by first adding a base coat of sheer white polish, covering your entire nail. Then, add yellow polish to the tip of the nail and blend it into the white. Both colors should be covered with a shimmery gel polish and a chrome powder, before being finished off with a strengthening gel and top coat. The final effect is a shiny, opalescent gradient that's guaranteed to turn heads.

Buttery yellow

If you love yellow but lemonade yellow isn't your thing, you can achieve the glazed manicure look with a more subtle shade. In the above example, the yellow nail polish is more of a buttery golden shade. Despite not being as bright as some other examples, it's still a striking and shimmery manicure that is easy to recreate with your cream or golden polish of choice. The almond-shaped nails with the slight point are a great choice with this color, but again, you can always opt for the nail shape that works best for you.