Break Out The Powder Blue For Denim Nails This Summer

We can all agree denim is a closet staple. If you don't have a denim jacket, jeans, or overalls, you're really missing out. Even if all you wear is sweatpants and hoodies, most people probably have some denim item gasping for breath at the back of their closet. During the summer, most of us swap this thick material for cutoffs or flowy dresses, but this time around, denim isn't going anywhere. Instead, this famous fabric is being embraced by the nail community.

Denim nails are the trend you didn't know you needed. This nail art is all about spotlighting the trademark blue of a classic pair of jeans. It gets even better when you replicate the intricate patterns of denim fabric onto your finger's mini canvas. You can't be blue when the sun is shining, and you're sporting the freshest nail set. We're championing our inner Britney Spears for these denim-on-denim looks.

Marble denim brings acid wash to life

Marble nails give you that classy and rich look — it does mimic a precious stone, after all. Combining the design of marble nails with the hues of denim is a match made in heaven. The swirling of different blue creates an acid wash look. Are acid-wash jeans back in style? By the look of your nails, the answer is yes. This design will complement any matching jean attire, regardless if you are a fan of light-wash or dark-wash denim. A few dashes of white polish can create the look of stitches, finishing off your marble denim nails with an artisan look.

French tips with a blue denim twist

It seems like French tips find their way into every nail trend, and it's no different with this jean-inspired design. Denim blue tips are a chic and simple nail look that still packs a punch. You can spice it up by adding more than one shade of blue. Contrasting the denim hues will make the design pop, especially against the nakedness of your nail beds. Don't be afraid to go for a deep French manicure to welcome more color or a reverse French for a modern twist.

Denim on denim with gradient nails

Speaking of more color, why not let every nail get its own? Create a gradient of denim, ranging from your lightest to darkest blues. You can even throw in white and black to pay homage to these dyed denim jeans. This is another minimalistic design that is superb for an accent nail. Patterns that mimic the denim fabric, like cross stitch or marble, will tie in perfectly. Or you can go for other blue pieces like the sky, flowers, or ocean.

Patchwork denim nails pack on the blue

Patchwork nail art has the look of a textile and your favorite blues will bring in the denim vibe. This style is great for incorporating more shades of the primary color. It will even look good with unique lipstick-shaped nails. You can add little white ticks to create stitching details or simply line the different blues next to each other to forge a more geometric design. Just make sure to go for distinct shades so the blues do not muddle together.

You can never go wrong with glitter

Something about glitter just makes the world a better place. All you need is one nail in a shimmering denim blue polish to shine bright. Even a sliver on the tips or down by your cuticles can elevate your manicure. However, feel free to go full glam and glitter up every nail. Denim blue is a calm color, so adding glitter won't be too overpowering. It's ideal for sprinkling in some oomph when you prefer not to have extravagant nail art.

Go bright with light-wash denim

To all the light-wash jeans lovers, this is the best manicure for you. Pastel French tips are a warm-weather nail dream, and we are merging them with denim nails. This soft denim color resembles baby blue and is the kiss of summer. You can brighten up your light-wash nails even more with white French tips. It is a play on the white accents within the denim fabric and turns a basic blue polish into more than meets the eyes.

Embrace your dark-wash denim side

On the opposite side of the spectrum from soft hues is a dark-wash denim blue. This deep shade brings an edge to your manicure. Brighten up the design with neutral colors like silver or gold, even in glitter, but there's no shame in embracing the dark polish. Darker colors make a bold statement. You can create contrast against open nail beds for a pop or completely lather on the dark blue. This earthy tone will complement any complexion and is a wonderful base for fun detailing.

Distressed jeans are the epitome of grunge nail art

Distressed jeans do not just look good on your legs but also on your fingertips. Nail art that replicated torn jeans is fun, edgy, and perfect for this blue polish trend. A fishnet pattern in the open rips definitely has a punk rock feel. You can soften it up with a light-wash blue, completely commit with a dark-wash tone, or stick to the classic denim shade for optimal balance. Keep in mind more rips will create a more grungy look.

Calm, cool, and matte blue

Manicures and nail trends typically highlight designs with a glossy finish. But matte lacquer deserves some love too. Celebrity nail stylist Gina Edwards told In Style, "Matte polishes give a cool, casual nail look." This style perfectly aligns with the laid-back vibe of a pair of jeans. Finish off your denim blue manicure with a matte top coat for a unique yet simple design. It will work well with your favorite shade of denim, but we love it with traditional blue.

Mix and match patterns for the best of both worlds

You just need a little bit of blue to join in on the denim nails trend. Using this hue for your accent nails or detailing is a superb way to incorporate the fabric's color. You can even mix and match nail trends each with a denim shade to tie everything together. One nail with confetti, the other with a flower, and another with a textural design will fit tightly like puzzle pieces despite the contrast. It's like wearing all your favorite denim jackets and jeans at once.