Why Alexa And Carlos PenaVega Won't Be Leaving Hallmark Any Time Soon

Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega are certified Hallmark darlings at this point. The "Spy Kids" star and the Big Time Rush member's fiery onscreen chemistry has led them to appear in several Hallmark movies together including "Enchanted Christmas," "Love at Sea," "Love in the Limelight," and three installments of the channel's "Picture Perfect Mysteries" franchise. Not to mention, they've also both starred in numerous projects individually. 

Alexa found her own Hallmark success with touching films like "Taking a Shot at Love," "Destination Wedding," and "Christmas Made to Order," while Carlos played a leading role in "A Midnight Kiss." As Alexa enthused in a 2018 interview with TV Insider, "I love working with my husband." She continued, "I think that there's something to be said that's really special about getting to work with your spouse." Alexa and Carlos said "I do" in 2014. 

Now, the couple shares three kids, and they also published their very own children's book, "Ocean's World: An Island Tale of Discovery and Adventure" in October 2022. Despite everything going on in their personal and professional lives, the PenaVegas are fully committed to Hallmark and couldn't be happier to keep working with the channel.

The couple signed a multi-picture deal

In October 2022, Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega signed a multi-picture deal with Hallmark, per TV Insider. The Executive Vice President of Programming at Hallmark, Lisa Hamilton Daly, gushed over the talented couple in a statement about the deal. "Alexa and Carlos PenaVega have become an important part of the Hallmark family over the years and we couldn't be happier to extend our partnership with them," she acknowledged. 

Hamilton Daly continued, "Whether starring together or headlining their own movies, the energy, creativity, and passion they bring to each project is infectious and we can't wait to see what lies ahead." The couple has yet to announce all the details about their upcoming projects, but Alexa did tell Us Weekly in February 2023 that Hallmark has given her and Carlos plenty of "creative freedom." 

The former child star also shared that they're collaborating on projects that she and her husband are really passionate about. As Alexa pointed out, "Earlier in our careers with Hallmark, there weren't many actors who were spouses working together. They were the ones that wanted to give us that opportunity to kind of make that happen."

Hallmark has become 'a second home' for them

In a joint statement announcing their new deal with Hallmark, Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega confirmed, "Hallmark has become a second home for our family," (via TV Insider). They added, "Over the last four years, they have given us opportunities to grow as actors and producers all while raising our children, even if it means having the family on set!"

The celebrity couple added, "Developing projects alongside them has been a highlight of our careers thus far. We are thrilled to be able to continue creating content that is family-friendly and current while maintaining its core values that we love so much." Overall, the PenaVegas are stoked to keep collaborating with Hallmark as a family. 

Alexa captioned her Instagram announcement post at the time with an enthusiastic, "Can't wait for you to see what we have coming up!!" Until their new content arrives, you can catch Carlos and Alexa's previous Hallmark projects streaming on Hallmark Movies Now or Peacock TV while their children's book is available for purchase on Amazon.