Can Scalp Massages Promote Hair Growth?

Regular hair loss is completely normal and the average person can lose anywhere from 50-100 strands a day. Yet many people lose way beyond that number. They may notice their hair starts to look thin or stringy and start to worry.

There are multiple reasons why hair may fall out at a faster rate. Though genes play a role in hair volume and growth, stress and a poor nutrient-deficient diet can also contribute. Medical conditions such as thyroid disease, alopecia, and hormonal imbalances like PCOS are often underlying culprits (via WebMD). However, sometimes hair loss can occur for no reason or be situational and temporary, such as after giving birth.

The first rule is to always see your doctor to investigate. After medical and lifestyle conditions are ruled out or diagnosed and treatment is started, the next step is to find ways to help restore your hair as much as you can. Here's why you might want to consider a scalp massage to give your hair follicles a boost.

Studies on scalp massage look encouraging

Scalp massages feel entirely rejuvenating but they can also do a lot more besides leaving us in a relaxed state. These luxurious treats can also help thicken hair. A study in the journal ePlasty followed men who underwent a daily 4-minute scalp massage for six months. Researchers found that hair started to grow thicker during the experiment.

Similarly, a survey study in the journal Dermatol Ther (Heidelb) found that scalp massage can help those with alopecia. The participants, who lived with alopecia, had scalp massages for anywhere from 11-20 minutes a day for a little over six months; 68.9% of participants reported that their hair had stopped falling out as much as it had previously and had even begun to regrow.

While more research needs to be done and scalp massage is not a cure-all, there are very good reasons to try both scalp massages at a salon and handheld scalp massagers.

How a scalp massage can boost hair growth

Though not many people can afford the time or money it takes to have a daily massage at the salon, a scalp massager can accomplish the same thing that a massage can. The thought is that just like the constant repetitive motion received from the fingertips, a handheld massager that stimulates the scalp has the same advantages.

"The benefit of using a scalp massager is increased circulation, which helps to promote healthy blood flow throughout the scalp," certified clinical trichologist Jennifer McCowan told Shape. "This healthy blood flow supplies the hair and scalp with oxygen and nutrition."

Scalp massagers can be used daily. "Everyone can benefit from the use of scalp massagers," said McCowan. Even if you don't have noticeable hair loss but would like to boost hair growth, or simply want to stimulate your scalp as a means of relaxation, a refreshing scalp massage can enhance your daily routine.