What Are Finger Coils And How Does It Benefit Your Hair?

Natural hair is having a moment, not only for the ease and simplicity that comes along with it, but also the fashionable, gorgeous styles that leaving your hair natural can create. But sporting natural hair isn't new — according to The Zoe Report, the rise of YouTube led to an increase in women sporting their natural locks as they began to see other women doing the same.

There is so much that the everyday person does not understand about natural hair, most specifically that going natural doesn't have to mean keeping things boring. Everything from Bantu knots to long braids can be done seamlessly with your natural hair. Lately, big, bouncy curls have been a big trend, but achieving them without any heat can be difficult. If you have newly embraced your natural hair and are looking for new styles to enhance it, you may want to consider a finger coil. Not only is a finger coil a pretty simple style to dive into, it can also be beneficial to your hair.

What exactly are finger coils?

If you are expecting a complicated hair trend here, you may be pleasantly surprised. To achieve finger coils, you need just that — your finger. According to NaturAll Club, a finger coil is the process of wrapping a small piece of hair tightly around your index finger. This means you can avoid any heat and is ideal for someone hoping to lay off any damaging chemicals or products for a bit. Finger coils can be tricky at first and depending on how much hair you have, they can also take some time. But the pros outweigh the cons — once you get the hang of it, you'll have a quick and easy go-to style that leaves your curls looking bouncy and professionally styled.

Carol's Daughter recommends washing and conditioning your hair before attempting a finger coil. The more moisturized and smooth your hair is, the easier the style is to achieve. Once your hair is clean, apply a small amount of styling cream and then section your hair into parts. Your hair should be pretty soaking wet when doing the coils, so keep a spray bottle nearby to ensure it doesn't dry as you work through your hair. Once you have tightly curled every strand, you can let your hair dry naturally and viola! You have gorgeous, bouncy curls that can last weeks.

How do finger coils benefit your hair?

A simple — albeit time-consuming — style that you can achieve while watching your favorite show is enough to get us on board with finger coils. But beyond the ease, finger coils can actually benefit your natural hair. Any type of natural hair can achieve this style and the level of volume you want is entirely up to you (according to NaturAll Club, if you want more volume, use smaller sections). Plus, without the use of heat or products beyond a styling cream or gel, this low-maintenance style can help a ton with anyone suffering, or worrying about, breakage or those who are hoping to add more inches to their natural locks. Without needing an armoire of hair products and tools, it is also super-inexpensive and while it may take some time to achieve at home, the results will last.

To keep your coils lasting even longer, Carol's Daughter recommends sleeping in a bonnet to protect the curls from outside elements and to do your best to not touch your hair while out and about during the day. Hydration is also super-important for coiled hair, so be sure the products and shampoos you are using pre-coil are keeping your hair moisturized. You can also use a spray-on moisturizer to keep the curls healthy after the coils are complete.