The Correct Order To Apply All Of Your Hair Care Products

We put a lot of thought into the products we use on our hair. Whether you are constantly trying out the most expensive products on the market (even if they may not be up to snuff) or researching the perfect ingredients for your hair type, you know what goes into your hair care routine is important.

If you get your hair done professionally, you are likely using all of the products your stylist recommends. However, whether you are using recommended products or choosing your own, you still may not be seeing the results you want. Hair care routines can vary, but did you know that you could be using the products in the wrong order, leaving your hair feeling and looking below par?

Hair professionals recommend finding the perfect products for your hair texture and type and applying them in a specific order that will show the most benefits. How do you know if your hair care routine is structured correctly? Here are some tips and tricks to get your routine in shape and your hair looking its best.

The order to apply products in the shower

When you hop in the shower and start lathering up, you may not be thinking about the order in which you use your products. However, according to beauty experts, the routine you create for your hair is valuable.

"Keeping a regular sequence is important because it allows the products to drive deeper into the cuticle," hairstylist Rachel Bodt told The Zoe Report. While many already have the basics down, like using shampoo as the first step, there are other options to consider. If you want to use a product that you'll rinse out, such as a hair mask, apply it after your initial wash with shampoo. Then, go in with your conditioner. If you have textured or dry hair, you could choose to try co-washing, meaning you only use conditioner and skip the shampoo. You may also choose to add moisture-rich products following conditioning.

"Textured hair also tends to be dryer than most other types which means it requires more moisture-heavy products," Lacy Redway, celebrity hairstylist, shared with The Zoe Report. Bodt added, "Hair is at its most fragile when it's wet, so this is the best time to incorporate a leave-in conditioner to deeply absorb."

Applying hair products after a shower

After washing and conditioning, or co-washing if you have more textured locks, you will want to form a routine that centers around whether you plan to use heat products or let it air dry. Either way, you should apply these leave-in products to hair that is gently dried with a towel. If you find your hair is filled with knots after washing, a detangler should come next, as products do not absorb well when hair is too tangled. If you have a serum or mousse you enjoy using, slather it on following the detangler.

Giving yourself the perfect blowout? Be sure to use a heat protector next. This will ensure that your mop will avoid unnecessary damage from your hot tools. Going for the effortlessly air-dried look? Feel free to skip this step, unless you want to use a product that has UV protection. Then, regardless of heat use, apply it to protect your locks from the sun.

Now, if heat styling, apply any creams or oils you need. For those air-drying fans out there, use any texture spray here. Finally, you'll be ready to head out the door, and your hair will be perfect.