'90s Bouncy Curls Are Back & Celebs Are Showing Us How It's Done

We've been seeing the re-emergence of all things '90s lately, from '90s fashion trends like the '90s backless top to the gorgeous supermodel blowout. There's a new hairstyle embracing this stylish era that we'll be seeing a lot more of this season — '90s bouncy curls are making a comeback. We are all about this look's tight curls and volume. From Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts in the '90s to Vanessa Hudgens and Rita Ora today, many iconic celebrities have rocked this style.

April Story, a Fekkai stylist, tells Byrdie that '90s curls are very "in" right now. "Most trends resurface and have a moment every 20 years or so, and now it's the '90s time," she said. "With summer around the corner and effortless hair trending, we're going with the flow of our hair — just a slightly polished version."

Unlike the big, bouncy, voluminous hairstyles popular in recent years, the '90s curls are much tighter and defined. If you don't have naturally curly hair, you can still achieve this look. With a bit of help from haircare products and styling tools, you'll have dreamy and effortless curly locks.

How to achieve '90s bouncy curls

After washing your hair, add a volumizing spray to your locks. Afterward, either blow or air-dry your hair until it's nearly dry. Then, it's time to add in the curls. "Starting at the base, start curling small sections with [a 1/2-inch] barrel curling iron." Eli Pjetraj, a Fekkai stylist, tells Byrdie. Once you've curled your hair, add a volume-lock spray to seal in the shape and volume of the curls. Make sure to curl each section of hair all the way to the end to avoid getting more of a beachy wave look.

If you have naturally wavy hair, add some curl cream to your hair when damp, and let it air dry. Then, you can use a heat tool to add a few curls throughout the hair to emphasize your natural waves. For curly-haired girls, simply use a curl cream for your hair after washing, and allow it to air dry. If you'd like, you can add in a few curls with a styling tool to enhance your curls, but you don't have to if they are already tight and springy.

Copy these '90s bouncy hair looks

Are you looking to try '90s bouncy curls but need a little inspiration? For a tousled curly look, try Nicole Kidman's '90s hairstyle. Her iconic and signature red curls were big, bouncy, and full of life. This hairstyle is perfect if you don't have naturally wavy or curly hair, but still want to sport the look. Run a curling iron or wand through your tresses to create tight, springy curls.

If you love big hair that makes a statement, you'll love using SZA's huge natural hair as inspo. This hairstyle is perfect for those who already have a natural curl or wave to their hair and want to get as much volume and height as possible. We recommend washing your hair and then adding Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave-In Defining Crème. After washing your hair, apply the product to damp hair to give you hydrated, defined, and weatherproof curls that encapsulate the '90s trend.