The Best Types Of Foundation To Wear To The Beach

Many people look forward to spending a warm summer day at the beach with their friends all year. However, picking out your bathing suit, learning how to prep your hair for the beach, and finding the perfect makeup look all require a good amount of thought. While some people may opt out of foundation or mascara altogether because they don't want it running off their face when they jump in the ocean, others simply search for the best products that will hold up while they enjoy the sun and sand.

There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to beach makeup, including weather, moisture, and sunblock. If it is a super humid day or extremely hot, liquid foundations will likely start to separate. If your face is naturally oily, sunblock and sweat will only exacerbate that greasy look. On the other hand, dry skin can actually lose moisture and become inflamed when it's exposed to salt water, sand, and the sun all at once.

Therefore, understanding your skin type and learning what products work in various situations will be good knowledge to have before going to the beach. It may be tempting to treat the beach like any other outing and simply follow your normal beauty routine, but when the elements are uncertain, it's better to rely on the tried and true foundations that experts recommend.

Foundation powder is your friend

While some people swear by their full-coverage foundation, others prefer a more minimalistic makeup look just to even out their complexion. Of course, you want to feel confident in your own skin while enjoying your beach day, but there's a good chance your typical makeup will start to look different than it normally does. Therefore, it's recommended to create a much simpler makeup routine specifically for the beach.

According to Ocean City Vacation, the right foundation for the beach keeps your skin looking bright and healthy without overdoing the product. While liquid foundations often provide more coverage, which may feel necessary if you have blemishes that you want to cover, they are not ideal due to how thick and patchy they can become on your skin.

Instead, reaching for powders will help to provide that initial coverage while keeping minimal product on your skin. Powder also does an excellent job of controlling oil and mitigating shine, which is necessary when you're spending hours in the sun. Specifically, looking for a powder foundation with a matte finish will help your skin look smooth without reflecting too much light.

Enhance your natural glow

Other great options that can go under your powder or be used independently are tinted moisturizers and BB creams. These products are amazing for a beach day because they often have SPF included and provide a hint of color to your complexion. The biggest mistake people make with tinted moisturizer usually revolves around the application. However, they are also very thin formulas that give your skin a natural look, even as they fade.

Tinted moisturizers and BB creams both have less coverage than your typical foundation, but a tinted moisturizer will be the sheerest. The "BB" in BB cream stands for "beauty balm" and includes hydrating skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for a long day in the sun.

Since makeup often tries to replicate a natural sunkissed glow on your skin, less foundation might actually be more when you're planning for a beach day. Your cheeks will likely get some color, so reapplying sunblock is essential. The SPF in tinted moisturizer usually wears off within a few hours, which is another reason why leaving your makeup minimal will keep your skin looking fresh. Plus, you can always go in with a spot concealer to cover specific blemishes or undereye bags. Of course, makeup is a personal preference, and choosing the foundation that will give you the most confidence is the goal.