Best Thrifting Apps If You're Looking To Shop Sustainably

Sustainability has increasingly been one of the main topics of conversation in the fashion industry for a while now. A lot of brands are trying to convert to a more sustainable, earth-friendly way of producing garments, but they mostly fail to deliver. The act of producing new items is in itself not sustainable from the get-go, as it needs so many resources.


It can also get pretty expensive to shop constantly. If you're looking to revamp your personal style but don't want to break the bank, give thrifting a try. Shopping at a thrift store has gotten pretty popular these days, and there's more than enough clothing around for everyone to snag something cool. That way, you're giving a discarded item a new lease on life.

However, depending on where you live, thrift stores can sometimes be underwhelming as far as their stock is concerned. Also, not everyone enjoys rummaging through used clothes to possibly come across an interesting piece, and that's totally fine, because online thrifting is a thing. If you already know what to do for the best chance of finding quality clothes while thrifting, using an app will only enhance your experience. So let the bargains begin!



With over 35 million registered users worldwide (as Business of Apps reports) Depop is one of the most popular thrifting apps out there. When setting up your account, you are asked about your style preferences and size, based on which the app's algorithm will later show you pieces curated especially for you. You can also use it to sell your own clothes and place offers on items you like. 


However, because of Depop's popularity, there are many resellers using it, so the asking prices might be a bit higher than what one would expect from a thrifting app.


If you're looking for something really specific or unusual, turn to Etsy first. The website was originally created as a marketplace for handmade items, but it has evolved into thrifting heaven. On the Etsy app, you can find second-hand pieces you didn't even dream of, like ballet shoes from the 1920s and elaborate wedding dresses. They also offer everything else, from furniture to movie memorabilia. 


There are multiple payment options, so you never have to reveal any sensitive information to the seller. Users report good customer service and personalized recommendations.


The ThredUp app provides an immersive thrifting experience and is very trendy-looking. A lot of the clothing listings are also marked with stickers that better describe the item. For example, a low-priced designer piece will often have the 'rare find' sticker, while an unworn garment with its original label will be marked as 'new with tags'. 


It's also the perfect app choice if you don't want to list all of your items individually. ThredUp offers the 'circular closet' option, where you can send them your bundle of unwanted clothes for a certain amount of money or app credit.

The RealReal

The RealReal is the most popular app for purchasing second-hand luxury, according to reviews. The seller's asking prices are mostly way below retail cost, and some of the pieces listed are no longer available for purchase anywhere else. Items can also be authenticated upon request. 


If you're hoping to snag a vintage designer piece without putting in too much work, this is the app for you. Its design is sleek, and items are often discounted. On the other hand, if you're looking to sell, make sure you're familiar with The RealReal's terms of consigning and selling beforehand.

Vestiaire Collective

Another app for purchasing second-hand designer pieces, Vestiaire Collective provides a hassle-free way to browse for rare pieces. They offer in-house authentication of goods to ease your mind, whether you're selling or buying. You can customize your search, and the app will remember your preferences for future use. 


Bargaining is welcomed, and sellers will often reach out to you first with a discounted offer if you've liked an item they're selling. Price drops are frequent, and there are often additional discount codes provided on the app. User reviews are overall positive, but some report unsatisfactory customer service.


The Vinted app is simple-looking but offers so much. There are thousands of brands for you to choose from, and the prices are usually ridiculously low. You will mostly encounter popular brand names like Superdry, Nike, and Disney, but the no-name items are often hidden gems, so don't miss them! 


There are zero fees for sellers, so you get the exact amount your item was listed for. Buyers are protected by Vinted's reliable refund policy, which guarantees your money back if the item you receive doesn't match the listing.


Poshmark has been around on the sustainable fashion market since 2011. With that said, it seems like they have decided to keep the old-fashioned website vibe for their app. It's still easy to navigate, and you can thrift home stuff on it too, like interior design pieces and electronics. 


The app offers you the option to either buy or sell, just like the others, with certain fees for sellers. They also have a luxury section of goods that need to pass Poshmark's authentication, and if they don't, the buyer gets a full refund.


The Curtsy app is simple-to-use and provides an overall great thrifting experience. They offer a variety of brand-name clothing, like Lululemon, Levi's, Free People, Skims, and many more. 

You can sell your own clothing on the app, or you can purchase pieces from other sellers. If you're buying, you get to place an offer on the item you've been eyeing, which means you could cop it for way under the asking price. The app is user-friendly, and according to reviews, it has great customer service.