The Bra Storage Mistake That's Ruining Your Clothes

Clothing is expensive, so you want to take care of it. Besides cleaning your assorted clothing collection properly, one of the most important things to keep it in top condition is to store it properly. For starters, you want to let garments breathe. so as soon as you get items back from the dry cleaner, remove the plastic and let them reign free, as per the Los Angeles Times. You also want to keep your closets organized and neat since packing clothes tightly without enough space between them can inhibit proper airflow.

Another tip is to store clothing away from the bright sunlight which can cause the colors to become less vibrant or fade entirely. It may be tempting to store clothes that aren't worn often in a basement or attic, but if the humidity is too high, that can damage fabric, too.

However, sometimes it's the type of clothing we store next to each other that can ruin our finest pieces. That is often the case with how we put away bras.

How to store bras properly

A good bra isn't only difficult to find, but it can also be pricey. Yet most of us just take them off and throw them in a bin or laundry basket and forget about them. That is a big bra mistake as it can result in getting less use out of them. Though most people likely fold bras in half to make them smaller so they fit compactly in the dresser drawer, experts say the ideal way to put bras away is to lay them out whole. You can also store bras in a separate bin or undergarment box.

Another tip is something that may be hard to do. Since finding a good bra can be a challenge, when you do find one that you like, it's common to keep wearing the same one over and over. Yet that is never ideal. Avoid wearing the same bra two days in a row.

"When you let your bra sit for one day, it allows the elasticity to shoot back into the band, prolonging the life," chief lingerie stylist at Rigby & Peller, Luz Cuevas, told "So if a woman has three bras that she rotates, she can go three to four wears before washing."

How storing bras with other clothes can damage your clothing

When the laundry is done, it becomes a habit to mindlessly throw bras in the underwear drawer and then inadvertently end up scrounging through the drawer to find the one you want a few days later. For this reason, it helps to either store bras away from other clothing or lay them flat on top of each other according to the type of bra, such as sports, underwire, bralette, etc. This can make finding the one you want easier next time.

Then you must do one simple thing to protect any clothing the bra comes into contact with in the drawer: clasp the hooks and close them."This ensures nothing gets caught in drawers or creates holes in other garments," CUUP's director of fit Tania Garcia told Byrdie.

It sounds like a no-brainer but so easy to overlook. By doing this simple action, you preserve your bra as well as any clothing the hooks may inadvertently damage.