How To Avoid The Dreaded Dating Burnout

Dating is hard. Whether you are trying to meet someone organically, through mutual friends, or online, it's not easy to find a person who you're compatible with and who fits into your life. This is why so many people have been experiencing dating burnout. Dating burnout is a term used to describe the feelings of frustration and exhaustion that come along with searching for love. It can also take a toll on your mental and physical health. "Dating burnout can affect your mental health as it can mimic symptoms of clinical depression as the person can begin feeling a loss of interest in daily activities, have a cynical mindset, and experience a loss of empathy," psychologist Rachel MacLynn told Woman & Home.

The most common sign of dating burnout includes feeling like you can't be yourself while going on dates with a potential new partner. Instead of being true to yourself, you may find yourself trying to be the person that you think your partner wants you to be — signaling it may be time to start dating with intention. Feelings of hopelessness and being physically and mentally depleted also come along with dating burnout. Deep sadness and fear of being rejected is another common sign.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to avoid the dreaded dating burnout in your life, including managing your expectations and taking things slow.

How to evade dating burnout in your life

If you fear that your dating life may be leading to a burnout state, then it may be time to make some big changes when it comes to how you're looking for love and romance. One of the ways to avoid these feelings is to take things slow and let a relationship develop at its own speed. Having unrealistic expectations can be harmful in many ways, and perhaps even cost you a relationship with someone great. "People have seen a few too many fairy tales, and they believe they're going to go on a date with someone and know it's their person. That's not how it works. Most of the time it's a slow burn. People really need to give dates more than one shot—especially women," matchmaker Talia Goldstein told Well+Good.

Using your time wisely, and focusing on your own needs is also key to finding the right person and keeping your sanity at the same time. If you believe the person you're engaging with simply isn't long-term relationship material then it may be time to end the conversation and move on. Getting creative can also be helpful. Other than dating apps, you can meet someone by taking a class, joining a group, or even using a matchmaker. It may be a welcomed end to endless swiping.

Unfortunately, sometimes dating burnout can't be avoided, and you'll need to take the necessary steps to recover from the draining experience.

How to recover from dating burnout

If you've already suffered from dating burnout you know how exhausting the process can be. However, there are ways to help you get back on track in your life and feel better about future dating. One key to getting past dating burnout is to take a break. Get off the apps for a bit, don't engage in conversation with anyone new, and don't schedule any dates. Focusing on yourself is an important way to feel better and get your motivation and spark back.

Self-care should also be a priority when it comes to recovering from burnout. So, be sure to give yourself some extra love in any way that works for you. Maybe it's time with family and friends, focusing on your career, decluttering your home, catching up on your sleep, or heading to the spa. Whatever makes you feel rested and happy should become your focus during your dating break. Getting advice from a professional such as a life coach, therapist, or matchmaker may also prove to help guide you out of your burnout.

By understanding dating burnout and what leads to the experience, as well as knowing how to treat the situation, you'll be more likely to happily continue looking for your future partner with a clearer mind and more realistic expectations.