Add A Pearlescent Shine To Your Look With These Vanilla Chrome Nails

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TikTok influencer @thehotblendofficial sparked a frenzy on the platform when she posted vanilla chrome nails. With over 1 million likes and 5 million views, the trending manicure has taken the internet by storm. The audio from "When Harry Met Sally" playing in the video's background adds a romantic feel to both the creation and the outcome of the look. The vanilla chrome nails are an excellent option for the upcoming sunny days, adding a warm shimmer to any look.

You can easily see the influence of the nude chrome and donut-glazed nail trends, the latter made popular by Hailey Bieber and sported by celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Sydney Sweeney. This rendition, however, has more of a sparkling pop and uses a creamy white as a base, as opposed to the donut-glazed nail trend that leaves the base color up to you. Regardless, the vanilla chrome nails are both dreamy and charming, making it one of the perfect 2023 nail trends.

How to achieve the nails

The way to achieve the vanilla chrome look is relatively simple. It requires only three products and the patience to wait for each layer of paint to dry. The star product, after a layer of polish and a top coat, is the chrome powder, which is added with an eyeshadow applicator. The outcome is stunning. User @Thehotblendofficial links the specific products she uses in her video, but you can easily switch it up by swapping out the base color for another shade of cream or white. Regardless of which color you choose, hopping on this trend will add elegance to your manicure.

Lots of love for vanilla chrome

TikTok and Instagram users seem to adore the vanilla chrome nail trend. Comment sections are flooded with exclamations about how elegant the nails appear and how they'd be perfect for a wedding day look or as proposal nails. Influencer Victoria Magrath went and had @thehotblendofficial try the look on her. "These are the most beautiful nails that I've ever had," Magrath said on her TikTok reel. "Honestly, I think this is going to be the biggest nail trend of the spring [and] summer."

Get creative with the look

This classy nail look has already been redone in several different styles. Nail artist Aistė Haas — who can be found at @aistehaas and @heygreatnails – made the look with French tips and another with flower stickers. User @nail_classes_chicago, Anastasia Rozdobutko, added sparkly gold tips to the vanilla chrome. Though minimalist, these nails leave plenty of room for alterations.

Expect to see the original and new renditions glimmering in the sun in the upcoming months. From first dates to proposals to saying "I do," these nails will almost certainly be at center stage.