The 2023-Approved Update On The '70s Rocking Pageboy Haircut

What was once old becomes new. In terms of modern style, that sentiment seems to hold true. Many of the popular trends in recent years pay homage to past fashion movements. It's clear that retro hairstyles are taking TikTok by storm: the claw clip is back in full force; the voluminous '90s supermodel bob is now the look to die for; and chunky highlights are making their resurgence.

Short hair is timeless — from the 1920s flapper bob to the 2020s wolf cut, generation after generation has decided to do the big chop. With so many retro looks out there, one surprising '70s hairstyle is gaining traction. These looks dominated the latter half of the 20th century with many of our favorite pop culture icons — including fashion legend Princess Diana herself — putting their own spin on the trend. Here is what you need to know about the '70s-inspired pageboy haircut and how to decide if it is the best choice for your next short hairstyle.

The basics of the '70s pageboy

Legend has it that the pageboy haircut got its name from young men in the medieval period. These young boys acted as attendants to noblemen, and their geometrically even bob made them easy to spot. Though the practice of using pageboys fell out of style over the centuries, the hair trend did not. Women in Western countries cut their hair in this way beginning in the mid-20th century, but men got in on the trend, too. Long-haired British popstars such as the Beatles and Davy Jones of the Monkees popularized what we know as the pageboy cut in the 1960s.

However, the pageboy style that we know today gained popularity in the '70s. Toni Tennille and Dorothy Hamill are credited for pushing the women's pageboy haircut into the mainstream during that groovy decade. While fair criticisms exist for this unique take on the bob, it's possible to rock this easily maintained cut — so long as you keep a few key points in mind.

Get a trendy pageboy without looking medieval

The fear associated with taking on this hairstyle isn't unfounded: When left in the hands of an amateur (like yourself with kitchen scissors in front of your bathroom mirror), you risk looking more like bowl-cut-wearing Will Byers from "Stranger Things" than elegant and stylish short-haired Princess Diana. The trendy, updated pageboy haircut requires a few more components. Don't stop with the geometric bob — ask for bangs and layers to give the look dimension. Dyeing your hair an interesting and fun color will make this unique cut even more exciting. If you love the look of an ultra-short bob, the pageboy cut is a great option. Simply ask for the back of your hair to reach around your ears; with fringe in the front, you will have a gorgeous and timeless look.

Though the pageboy haircut can be a risk, it can definitely be worth it. Generation after generation has rocked this look that is rich with history. It could be the next short hairstyle for you.