The Newest Eyeliner Trend Requires A Trip To The Jewelry Aisle At Your Fave Craft Store

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Unconventional looks truly showcase the artistry that is makeup. Colorful graphic eyeliner, mermaid skin, and editorial makeup transform beauty from something that's ordinary to an art form that truly requires skill and creativity. Although magazines have always depicted the originality of makeup artists, shows like "Euphoria" on HBO have put bold, colorful looks on the map.

Iconic looks like Rue's dark liner and under-eye glitter and Jules' pops of neon color on the eye have cemented the show as an influencer of new makeup trends and styles. Each look meshes past inspirations and editorial style with the fun of youthfulness. Whether it's Cassie's bright, pastel looks or Kat's dominatrix-inspired liner, one thing "Euphoria" will do is inspire new creativity.

Out of all the looks, the best ones are those that incorporate non-makeup items into the final look. Using mainly small pearls and rhinestones on the eyes, the jewels enhance the eyeshadow and liner every time. While they look beautiful, one look that stands apart is Maddy's chain link liner.

Start out the look with a cut crease

If you're a fan of the show, then you'll know that each makeup look denotes a certain emotion or theme present in the character's life. Maddy wears this chain during an episode where she confronts Kat about her attitude change. The chain link liner is meant to denote a cold, aloof demeanor, so the corresponding eyeshadow should match up with the mood.

Match the eyeshadow colors with the finish of the chain and go dark and metallic. You'll want to use a powder finish so that the chain can stick properly. Start out with a dark color in the crease, like in this video from NikkieTutorials on Instagram. Blend it out and apply some concealer onto the lid to create a crisp cut crease — you can use a flat concealer brush to really pack on the product. To properly cover up the eyeshadow, use a thick pigmented concealer for creating a cut crease.

Once you've carved out the shape, go in with an eyeshadow powder that matches the concealer shade you just applied. Place a lighter color or shimmer in the center of the eye. Use the concealer above the crease to clean it up with the same concealer and eyeshadow. Finish off with a spritz of a mattifying setting spray that the glue will stick to.

How to do create chain link eyeliner

To get the chain link, you can buy online from Etsy or go to your local craft store for small, loose chains that will fit onto your eye. Get one that's thin so it won't feel heavy on the eye and can stay in place. Directly above the cut crease, apply a thin line of lash glue that matches up with the shape you've created. You can also use an adhesive created for these types of makeup looks, such as the Mehron Makeup AdGem Body Adhesive.

Wait for it to dry down. Then, using tweezers, place the chain link carefully onto the area where you applied the glue. Afterward, place a dot of the glue or adhesive under the corner of the eye and then under the center of the eye, in line with the pupil. Once it dries down, place the remaining end of the chain at the corner, looping down then back up to the other dot, letting the end fall down delicately.