Inside Magnolia House, Chip And Joanna Gaines' Waco Bed-And-Breakfast

If you've ever watched HGTV's "Fixer Upper," you probably fell in love with the charismatic hosts just as much as the impressive home renovations that the show is known for. Joanna Gaines is an HGTV OG who is the mastermind behind the designs on "Fixer Upper," and her husband Chip is a real estate agent/goofball that brings some demolition and levity to the home reno series.


The show, which first premiered in 2013, has done very well over the years; recent spinoffs "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" and "Fixer Upper: The Castle" were the two top-rated series on Magnolia Network, bringing in millions of viewers. It's easy to see why. The hosts' wholesome camaraderie, focus on family, and lighthearted humor is as fun to watch as the impressive home transformations.

If you've ever wanted to live inside of a "Fixer Upper" episode, you're in luck -– Magnolia House, Chip and Joanna's Waco farmhouse-turned-bed-and-breakfast, is available to rent on Airbnb. Below, we'll fill you in on all the details of Chip and Joanna's ultimate "Fixer Upper," Magnolia House.

If you want to stay at Magnolia House, book in advance

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Magnolia House gets booked up quickly; the Gaineses have amassed a cult-like following, and "Fixer Upper" is one of the most popular shows on HGTV. When Magnolia House first opened its sliding-barn doors in 2016, the B&B was booked out for six months.


However, taking a glance at the B&B's current availability calendar, there tend to be a few weekends available in the coming months. And looking three to four months in advance shows plenty of availability, especially in the warmer summer months. However, if you're looking to visit in the fall, know that this is the peak season for staying at the charming farmhouse; as of this writing, fall 2023 is almost fully booked.

But if you find that the dates you're looking to stay at Magnolia House are already reserved, don't fret –- any time someone cancels a reservation, the dates open back up, so it's worth it to check the reservations regularly.

Magnolia House isn't actually in Waco

At this point, Joanna Gaines is pretty much the patron saint of Waco, Texas, so it's natural to think that Magnolia House would be located in Waco ... but it's actually not. The rental is located in McGregor, which is about a 20-minute drive from Waco. McGregor is a small town with an estimated population of 5,522 (per U.S. Census Bureau). The town is quiet and suburban, known for its good schools and conservative values. In other words, it's not necessarily what you would imagine as a go-to vacation destination.


But, in a way, the quiet and unassuming location adds some charm to the home. Many people who visit Magnolia House do so in order to have a relaxing getaway, and the suburban location allows for a chill and laid-back environment. Plus, Waco is a short drive away; according to Country Living, Magnolia House is a 26-minute drive from Magnolia Market (which is located in downtown Waco) and a 33-minute drive from Waco Regional Airport. So if you're driving your own car to Magnolia House or if you've got a rental car booked for your trip, you should all be set to visit the surrounding attractions.

You get the whole house to yourself

Due to the size of Magnolia House, some have questioned whether the home is a bed-and-breakfast-style place with multiple guests in each room, but the answer is nope –- the whole house is yours! "Despite it being called a bed-and-breakfast, it's more of a vacation rental, in the sense that you can't book individual rooms — it has to be booked as a whole," wrote Lauren Matthews, who reflected on her stay at Magnolia House in 2017 for Country Living.


Since the farmhouse is so roomy, opting for a group trip (hello, girls' weekend) may be the best bang for your buck. Matthews shared that she paid "$695 a night for two weeknights (plus a 12% occupancy tax, so my total for two nights was $1,556.80)," but added that "the cost can climb to as much as $995 a night depending on what days you book." For those balking at the price — valid, but divided three, four, or five times could make it relatively affordable. "Pricey if you're just a couple, but far more manageable if you're dividing the cost among several people," Matthews noted.

You may have Fixer Upper fans taking photos of the house

If you've ever dreamed of having paparazzi vying for a picture of you, Magnolia House may be able to make your dreams come true. Fans of Joanna Gaines and "Fixer Upper" frequently come to the house to take photos of the location, often posing with the adorable "Magnolia House" sign affixed to the fence out front.


Lauren Matthews wasn't a huge fan of this part of her stay initially, but she quickly got used to it: "At first I was a little freaked out by the constant stream of cars and pedestrians passing by the house to snap photos throughout the day, since it does make you feel a bit like you're living in a fishbowl," she told Country Living. "But, after getting used to it, it became fun to wave and smile at all the friendly 'Fixer Upper' fans passing by."

McGregor city manager Kevin Evans, who lives a block away from Magnolia House, recommends embracing the house's fame and constant visitors. "I can personally tell you that on Saturdays and Sundays, they drive by about one vehicle per minute to see the house, at the least," Evans told The Waco Tribune-Herald. "When I leave the house to go to work every day, whether that is 6:30 a.m. or 8:30 a.m., there is somebody outside taking pictures. It's been amazing to watch from where I'm sitting."


Make sure you know all the booking rules

Anyone who has booked an Airbnb knows that each place has its own set of rules, and Magnolia House is no different. If you're looking to book a stay here, you'll want to know the basic rules. Check-in is at 4 p.m. or later, and checkout is at 11 a.m. or earlier; smoking isn't allowed on the property, and pets aren't either –- pretty standard stuff.


There are some more rules that are a bit more unique to this property. For one, the rule against parties: Despite the fact that the beautiful five-bedroom, two-bathroom home would make the perfect setting for an event like a bridal shower or birthday party, no events or parties are permitted at the house. Additionally, you'll want to make sure that you have no more than eight guests staying at the house.

You'll also want to keep in mind that there's a two-night minimum stay, but that's pretty common with Airbnb locations. Lastly, Magnolia House seems to have a pretty specific cancellation policy, only allowing free cancellations a month in advance of your trip. If you want to cancel any later than a month in advance, know you may end up paying a fee.


Be prepared for the price

We're just gonna say it: Magnolia House is not cheap. Prices vary based on which days you book, but currently, it's looking like about $900 per night for a weekday, and about $1,100 per night for a weekend. You're also looking at a cleaning fee of $200 and an Airbnb service fee, which appears to be around 15% of your total cost. For three days and two nights over the weekend, the service fee is $337.


If seeing the numbers all laid out is enough to make you rethink your Waco/McGregor getaway, just remember that Magnolia House is great for groups. If you took advantage of the space and booked an eight-person trip, your cost for a weekend stay would be around $340 per person -– much more affordable than it would be if you went solo or with a partner.

One thing to keep in mind if you end up going with a big group is a few of the bedrooms feature two twin beds –- not the best setup for couples -– while others have queen beds. There is also one "bedroom" that's more of a loft space upstairs, so while there is a bed, there is not a door. Be sure to check out all the photos and details on the home's Airbnb page to get a good idea of the space and sleeping arrangements.


You'll be provided with all the amenities you could ever need

There's really nothing worse than landing in a new place, jet-lagged and ready to chill, just to find that you have to go to the store because your place is completely devoid of any water, snacks, or toiletries. Fortunately, this is not something you'll have to worry about if you visit Magnolia House.


Lauren Matthews, who wrote about her experience staying at Magnolia House for Country Living, said, "There's free Wi-Fi, two coffee stations fully stocked with Keurig coffee machines, pods, creamer, sugar, and sweetener, all kinds of toiletries (read: Fancy shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.), bottled water, towels, bath robes, hair dryers, a washer and dryer, laundry detergent, a sewing kit, local guide books, umbrellas, charger cables, an iron, a TV and DVD player complete with a selection of family-friendly flicks (think 'Gone with the Wind' and 'Frozen'), board games, a Bluetooth speaker, a full kitchen with every appliance, dish, pot, or pan you could possibly need to cook a four-course meal." Southern hospitality at its finest!


Matthews did note that the Magnolia House does not have a crib, so that's something you may consider bringing if you have very young kids.

The house screams Fixer Upper

Staying at Magnolia House is truly like falling into a real-life episode of "Fixer Upper" –- Joanna's signature cute vintage-meets-farmhouse aesthetic paired with unique, charming details –- and plenty of shiplap. The only thing missing is Joanna and Chip (they don't run the property themselves).


Stephanie Allmon Merry wrote for the Salisbury Post that Magnolia House is "Shiplap Disney World," adding that, to her, it felt like the "happiest place on earth." Taking a look at photos of Magnolia House, it looks as if the Hallmark Channel and "Gilmore Girls" had a vibey headquarters. Everything about the place, from the cozy reading nook to the rustic dining room table, screams small-town, wholesome relaxation. Merry called the house "equal parts vacation home and idea show house," thanks to its creative designs and thoughtful details.

From the inspirational sayings on the walls to the cozy bedrooms, every inch of Magnolia House is meant to invoke feelings of coziness and comfort -– just like Chip and Joanna's actual house. "The design inspiration for this house was taken from my own home," Joanna wrote on their website. "I wanted it to feel like our farmhouse so when guests stay here they feel especially welcome."


Magnolia House is super close to all the Magnolia attractions

Though Magnolia House isn't located in Waco, it is a short, 25-minute drive to all the Magnolia attractions, including the Gaines' coffee shop, Magnolia Press; the restaurant, Magnolia Table; the home goods center, Magnolia Market; and the bakery, Silos Baking Company. And while these stops are often crowded and are undoubtedly tourist traps, visitors can't sing enough praises about the quality of the food, drinks, and home goods sold at the Magnolia complex. Magnolia Table has a four-star rating on Yelp, proving it's more than just a tourist attraction.


And to top things off, a few major bonuses about staying at Magnolia House? You get 25% off coupons for Magnolia Market, as well as a premade reservation for Magnolia Table, which means you get to skip the long wait times and dig right in.

If you end up having some extra time on your trip (or if you can only handle so much of the Magnolia crowds) you can do some exploring while staying close to home in McGregor and check out the area's bakeries, antique shops, restaurants, and other small-town stops.

The property has plenty of photo ops

If you don't get pictures of Magnolia House, did you really stay there? Even if you're not the Instagramming type, it would be hard not to snap tons of photos inside and outside Magnolia House. Looking through the #MagnoliaHouse hashtag on IG proves that the cozy reading nook under the stairs, the coffee bar area, and the gazebo in the yard are particularly popular photo spots, but if we're being honest, the entire house is photo-shoot ready, from the rockers on the front porch to the art on the walls.


Stephanie Allmon Merry, who stayed at Magnolia House and wrote about her experience for the Salisbury Post, noted that the living room, covered in drapey curtains and shiplap, with a large sofa and cozy chairs, ended up being one of her favorite spaces.

"At sunset, prisms of light streamed through the original leaded windows in the front door, making it the prettiest time to photograph this light-filled room. Later, we'd close the shades and gather around the coffee table for hours of girl talk," she wrote. Just how Joanna would want it, we're guessing.