Morgan Hood

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Franklin College, Arizona State University
Health & Wellness, Women's Lifestyle, Pop Culture
  • Morgan Hood is a freelance writer who has written for BetterHelp and Scribd, as well as other businesses and outlets.
  • She was a freelance reporter for The Dallas Express.
  • In addition to freelance writing, Morgan also works in publishing as a freelance copyeditor.


Becoming a writer felt inevitable for Morgan — she spent the majority of her childhood and teen years with her nose in a book. The reading obsession quickly turned into a writing obsession, and Morgan has spent over a decade honing her craft, writing poetry and prose in her own time while honing her copywriting and content writing skills for work. Over the years, she has been published in several literary magazines and has worked for small businesses and well-known companies alike. She spent three years working in finance before switching gears and beginning her freelance writing career, and it's been the best decision she's made.


Morgan studied English and creative writing at Franklin College for a year and a half, but ultimately transferred to Arizona State University, where she got her Bachelor's degree in women and gender studies. Morgan's understanding of the frameworks that shape gender relations — and human relations in general — allows her to write through a progressive and informed lens.
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