Neutral Nails Are Getting A Cool-Toned Twist With The Digital Lavender Mani Trend

Love neutral nails, but are tired of getting the same old beige manicure? Meet digital lavender. This cool-toned, calming shade of purple was named the 2023 color of the year by WSGN, and it's about to be your new best friend. Whereas traditional neutrals are devoid of any color, this can add that hint of vibrancy that old neutral manicures were missing. This color is more subdued, but it totally can serve as the basis for more eye-catching looks, making it a versatile option.

Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec seems to agree. She told Popsugar, "We've been seeing it on everywhere from runways, to nail and makeup looks." If you want a polish that can still pull off the "clean girl" nail trend, but can give you that little pop of color, digital lavender might be for you.

You can incorporate this color into your next manicure in various ways. Need some help brainstorming before your next trip to the nail salon? We've got you covered with plenty of inspiration.

Short and sweet

If you're not the biggest fan of long nails, this short, square-shaped style may be for you. While it might benefit you to head over to the salon to get these done, this manicure is good for a more casual, everyday look, if you're in the mood to give yourself a nice, at-home manicure. This doesn't have the shimmer that many other digital lavender manicures have, only the color. So, if you're just experimenting with digital lavender and don't want to go any further just yet, try this out.

Long and iridescent

This manicure is a step up from the last option. It's a bit fancier and puts the "digital" in digital lavender with a sheer chrome finish. If you're already a fan of chrome nails or experiment more with daring, glittery manis, take this style for a spin. It's great for those who prefer that feminine, long-nailed look. This is more difficult to do at home — unless you have prior experience in DIY gel manicures, you'll want to see a professional nail tech.

Glitz and glamor

Love a good glittery look? This sparkly lavender manicure will satisfy all of your glamor needs. It starts off with digital lavender on the first two fingers, before transitioning fully to glitter on the last few fingers. You can use a subtler glitter nail polish, but chunky glitter, as seen in the photo, would work best, especially because of the two-toned middle nail. For a more seamless look, try out a thick glitter polish with lavender mixed in. 

Flower power

While digital lavender can be a nice color to have all on its own, you can also treat it as the launching pad for super cool nail art. If you're a fan of the color but prefer bolder manicures, try this out. These flower designs are a surefire way to brighten even the dreariest days. Since this is a calm, cool color, it can pair well with brighter greens, purples, and pinks. Feel free to add shimmery silvers to upgrade your nail art.

Digital lavender swirl

There's no reason why digital lavender has to be the only color in your manicure. If you're into cool, original nail art, you can incorporate digital lavender into the look. Keeping your nails a neutral color, or even just giving them a clear coat, while painting swirling, unique designs on each nail can be a good way to liven up this otherwise subdued color. Adding some gemstones can complete the look. Digital lavender does partially owe its popularity to "Euphoria," after all — why not go all out?

Russian manicure

The big difference between this long and sheer digital lavender manicure and others is the method. If you're looking to try something new, and prioritize smoothness when it comes to your manicures, try out a Russian nail salon. This is a dry manicure process, which uses electric files to manage cuticles, rather than soaking them. Salon owner Lana Kars explained to Ipsy that "the e-file machine gently removes the cuticle, while leaving no roughness or damage on the skin." So, if you want your digital lavender nails to be smooth and long-lasting, give this a whirl.

White flowers

These cute, simple white flower designs pair well with digital lavender's softness. This manicure works well because of its versatility: you can do this with long or short nails, at home or in the salon. If you want to go all out, you could even paint little flowers on each nail. Still, keeping the design on one nail for each hand does the job well enough, giving you a soft, whimsical look that can only be achieved through this calming lavender shade.

Neutrals and gemstones

Speaking of which, a few select gemstones can completely elevate your digital lavender manicure. Keeping them on your neutral/clear-coated nails will give the whole manicure a fun twist, while still letting the digital lavender shine on its own. Painting only the tip of your nails is another fun way to experiment with a new color. As with this design, you can only do it to one nail, but you can also try it on multiple. Just be careful — going overboard with designs can end up creating an overwhelming, messy effect.

Mix and match

If you want an eye-catching manicure and you're unsure about digital lavender's ability to draw attention, there's an easy fix: paint one nail a different color than the rest. There are lots of ways to have fun with this type of manicure. While you can totally copy the look from this TikTok, there are tons of other colors that can work. A glittery or shiny silver could mesh well with a chrome finish, and a baby blue with white designs could complement the lavender for a more delicate look.

Play around with purple

While digital lavender goes well with lots of different colors, it goes best with other purples. If you're a big fan of purple, why not go all out? Painting each nail a different shade of purple is a cute and funky way to stand apart from the crowd. What's more, this manicure style is easily done within the comfort of your home — there's absolutely no need to make the trip to the salon or do any complicated nail art techniques.