Chunky, Comfortable Hokas Are The 'It' Shoe That Won't Make Your Feet Hurt

For some people, fashion goes only as far as comfort will allow them, especially if they live an active lifestyle. Shoes are a huge fashion compromise because, depending on the style, they can cause discomfort. No matter how good dress shoes or heels look with an outfit, no one wants to have them on for more than a few hours for fear of blisters and sore feet. Yet, some of us slog it out because pain is temporary, but drip is forever.

Nowadays, more people are prioritizing shoes that look good and feel cozy. One pair of shoes that is guaranteed to make you forget you even have them on is the Hoka line of sneakers. Hokas burst onto the scene in 2009 and took the fashion world by storm as more and more celebrities started rocking them. Their unique aesthetics and easy wear bridged the gap between convenience and style. However, some people are initially put off by the chunky design and color palette. Are these "it" shoes really the best option for your feet?

Hokas perfectly encapsulate comfort fashion

When it comes to the Hoka, comfort doesn't trump style — they coexist peacefully. Although this billion-dollar shoe brand started out as sports shoes for athletic and outdoorsy folks, they are just as famous for being trendy. Director of sneakers and collectibles at StockX Drew Haines noted (via New York Times) that more people are waking up to the shoe brand because of how fashionable and comfortable they are. You don't have to sign up for a triathlon to wear these unique shoes — you can sport them as casual fits.

The popularity of Hokas transcends age, as more members of the older crowd are also discovering their ease of use. The chief of pediatric rheumatology at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, Dr. Karen Onel, told NYT that the shoes worked wonders for her ankle and foot pain, saying that they were a complete game-changer in her life. Hokas have a slender body and enlarged soles, which are great for providing a cushion effect for when you're on the go. This is a desirable feature for people who suffer from joint problems and have trouble walking.

Hokas are affordable workout shoes that frame your feet flawlessly

There are multiple benefits that come with owning a Hoka shoe. Their utility as the perfect walking and workout shoes is an added bonus to their stylish look. Since wearing the wrong shoes can ruin your workout and even end up causing you injury, a pair of Hokas would be a good investment for an active person.

Another positive thing about Hokas is their relative affordability. While the shoe line has slowly become a fashion and celebrity brand, their prices have remained on the low end. You can get a pair of Hoka shoes for under $50 or you can opt for a pair on the expensive side for $150 and up. 

Although most people would agree that the Hoka's shape is visually unappealing, the beautiful colors are evidently enough to make them an enviable accessory. Hokas could be filed under the "trend of ugly shoes that are considered cute enough to be fashion" category. Co-owner of the fashion newsletter Blackbird Spyplane, Jonathan Weiner, commended Hoka's radical design as going beyond visuals. "It's not just ugly. There is actual considered design that results in something surprising and genius" (via New York Times).