Rocker Shoes Are The Best For Your Hot Girl Walks

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When you hear about rocker shoes, you may start thinking of musicians onstage wearing leather boots while shredding on their guitars. However, rocker shoes are actually something quite different and probably a lot more functional than the fashionable footwear of a rockstar. In fact, they can be really good for your feet.


Rocker shoes get their name because of how they rock your feet from heel to toe as you walk in them. Instead of shoes with a totally flat sole, these have a curved sole, which can be located in different spots depending on the type of shoe; where the curve is can have different benefits for different parts of your feet. Rocker shoes can also keep your feet from getting as tired. That way, you can feel more comfortable walking longer.

Walking for exercise can have health benefits for your brain in addition to health benefits for your body. The next time you decide to embark on a hot girl walk (or run), you may want to consider rocker shoes after comparing the options.

Two main types of rocker shoes

Rocker shoes may be able to help with any foot, ankle, or toe pain you're experiencing, depending on the kind you choose. One type has a forefront rocker sole, also known as a toe rocker sole. Here, only the toe of the shoe is curved, which can help relieve pressure on the balls of your feet and your toes.


Another kind features a heel to toe rocker sole. These have a curve at both the toe and heel, as they seek to relieve pressure and pain on your ankles. They also assist your heels since your foot rolls to your toe faster as you walk in these shoes.

No matter which you select, be cautious when wearing them the first time. They can put pressure on your knees and may mess with your balance, since they adjust how you step. Podiatrist Dr. Miguel Cunha at Gotham Footcare recommends that when wearing rocker sole shoes, you wear them only one hour the first day. Each subsequent day, you should add another hour of time wearing them until you get used to the change.

Some brands that make rocker shoes

A number of shoe companies manufacture rocker shoes. Nike has a wide variety of options. One such shoe is the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3, featuring a heel-to-toe rocker sole. The Flyknit 3s are crafted to provide the utmost support and stability as you step, with a wider sole and extra cushioning. In a review on RunRepeat's website, the Flyknit 3s were listed as being very comfortable and good for running, even for beginners to the running game. At the time of this writing, the shoes were ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Another high-rated heel-to-toe rocker shoe that is said to work best for racing is the Hoka Rocket X. The Rocket Xs are light, breathable, and comfortable and have a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on RunRepeat. They also include a foam midsole for stability. A reviewer of the Rocket Xs praised the cushioning and said, "Hoka, you sold me. It's probably the best race shoe out there, all things considered."

Whether you are looking for new shoes to race in or to walk in, rocker shoes can be beneficial for you and your feet.