The Sunflower Eyes Trend Will Be Your Festival Season Staple

Spring marks the beginning of the much-anticipated music festival season, with these outdoor concerts all about live music, overpriced day drinks, food truck cuisine, and, of course, experimental outfits and makeup looks. If there's one thing that the festivals are known for (other than music) it's the outrageous looks sported by both celebrities and everyday people.

Coachella has become particularly synonymous with really out-there festival attire, setting trends for the rest of the season. While Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner unexpectedly wore super casual outfits to Coachella 2022, Bieber's simplistic reverse eyeliner look still inspired social media users to recreate the design. For Coachella 2023, the it-girl opted for a similarly subtle makeup style, showing off a sunflower-infused look on her Instagram.

Created by Leah Darcy, the makeup features a soft yellow eyeliner with spiky eyelashes, reminiscent of the sunny petals and center florets of a blooming sunflower. Not only is this makeup perfect for yellow lovers, but these sunflower eyes also promise to be a staple of the rest of the festival season. For those ready to recreate, we have all the inspiration you need.

Sunflower yellow

We love how simple but eye-catching sunflower eyes are, as you only need yellow eyeliner or eyeshadow and mascara to achieve your own version of the makeup. In Hailey Bieber's rendition, the design is kept simple by applying the color close to the lash line, but you can play around with the style of your own look.

For example, we love the fox-style eyeliner featured in the Instagram post from @__blue.roses. This makeup look balances fierceness and subtlety by going for a more dramatic eyeliner design while using a sheerer yellow color. The casual lashes and dewy face makeup round out the summery, sunflower vibe.

Yellow and black

While Hailey Bieber's original makeup forgoes the traditional black liner, you don't necessarily need to do so in your own sunflower eyes look. Instead, you can play around with how you pair yellow and black eyeliner to create an even more impactful design.

A great example of this comes from @fio_monse, who traces the top of their traditional black eyeliner with yellow. We love the fox-eye detail in yellow, which adds an additional flare to the design. If you're thinking of pairing yellow and black liners to achieve sunflower eyes, this look provides the perfect inspiration.

Touch of yellow

While we love how black eyeliner looks when traced with yellow, there are more ways than one to play around with yellow and black pairings for your sunflower eye makeup. If this is your first time experimenting with such a bright color, then we recommend adding that bit of sunshine to just the wings of your liner. We're big fans of how this looks in the Instagram post from @michellewicklandt, who places the pop of color over a subtly smokey eyeshadow look. The touch of yellow is simple, but it's still super eye-catching.

Dotted design

Music festivals provide the perfect opportunity to experiment with more out-there makeup designs. When it comes to sunflower eyes, this can apply to more than just their bright coloring, as lots of social media users have come up with many yellow eyeliner looks that feature other interesting design elements.

We particularly love the dotted design shown off by @catu.bela. This look maintains the subtleness of the sunflower eyes by condensing the placement of the actual eyeliner, but also adds some delicate dotting above the inner eye. For your own festival look, we recommend similarly experimenting with simple, but summery details.

Sparkly sunflower

For a festival look, you might want a makeup design that brings that extra bit of sparkle to your outfit. In this case, you can play into the sunniness of sunflower eyes by swapping yellow eyeliner for gold. Just like with straight yellow eyeliner, you can apply your gold sparkle in many different ways, but we're big fans of gold detail featured in the look from @fauxnicolerose.

In this design, sparkly gold traces the subtle black wing and a fox-eye detail is added at the inner corners. When recreating sunflower eyes, don't be afraid to experiment with gold eyeliner or eyeshadow for a truly sunny design.