Chene Lawson Will Return To The Young And The Restless As Devon's Mom

"The Young and the Restless" is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary. As part of the festivities, "The Young and the Restless" is planning multiple surprise returns throughout the year to help mark the monumental occasion. "Y&R" has already delivered the returns of soap vets Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) and Barbara Crampton (Leanna Love), but there's a lot more in the pipeline. The groundbreaking return of Shemar Moore as Malcolm Winters has already been announced, but he isn't the only member in the Hamilton/Winters family orbit set for a comeback, as a hugely important Hamilton will also be reappearing in Genoa City. 

Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) has had quite the whirlwind year, with his family life being turned upside down numerous times. First, his relationship with Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) came to a screeching halt when she caught him in bed with the mother of his son, Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). Amid their breakup, he also was forced to contend with the continual drama caused by the return of his biological father, Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Tucker always has a hidden agenda, and Devon has spent the last year trying to uncover his father's true motivations toward him. 

In addition to those ongoing troubles, Devon was recently embroiled in a lawsuit against his sister, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) in an attempt to split their companies. However, Devon and Lily made amends, and the lawsuit was dropped. Things are seemingly looking up for Devon, but the return of his mother, Harmony Hamilton (Chene Lawson) could rock the foundation of his life. 

Devon's mother's return could impact many characters

Devon Hamilton's life is finally on the upswing, but a huge curveball is set to come his way in the coming weeks. According to Soap Opera Digest, former "Young and the Restless" star Chene Lawson is set to reprise her role as Harmony Hamilton beginning May 5. Lawson originated the role of Devon's mother Harmony in 2005, but she was recast by soap veteran Debbi Morgan for a brief period. 

James had nothing but positive comments regarding Lawson's return to the series, saying, "It was like stepping into a time machine, because even after 18 years, Chene looks exactly the same as she did in the last scenes we filmed." He went on to add, "And she was just as brilliant in front of the camera. It was one of those amazing moments on stage when you truly don't have to act, you just look at each other, and all of the history and love comes right to the surface. It was really a full-circle experience for myself and Devon that I couldn't be more grateful for."

Harmony's return comes at a tumultuous time, putting Devon in the orbit of both of his real parents. Notably, Devon and Harmony have a shaky past. Her former drug addiction led to his eventual rehoming to the Winters family and being adopted by Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) and Drucila Winters (Victoria Rowell). So clearly, there is a lot of drama between them left to explore.