Ryan Paevey Isn't Interested In Leaving Hallmark For GAC

The Hallmark Channel and its parent company Hallmark Media (made up of the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama) are known for producing feel-good, family-friendly films and television shows. However, there was a bit of trouble in paradise in 2022. Former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott and Hicks Equity Partners formed GAC Media and acquired the Great American Country channel. The channel is now called Great American Family and it produces similar shows and movies to those made at Hallmark under Abbott, but with more faith-based programming. It quickly became a competitor for Hallmark.

Some of Hallmark's biggest stars chose to leave the network in order to join Great American Family. These stars include Danica McKellar and most notably Candace Cameron Bure, who has taken on a "prominent executive role at the company to oversee and curate programming for the networks as a whole," according to People. Despite these cast shake-ups, plenty of stars are sticking with Hallmark. Among these is model-turned-actor Ryan Paevey.

Ryan Paevey stated that Hallmark is becoming more inclusive

Along with talent moving over to Great American Family, Hallmark Media has faced criticism from diversity and inclusion activists who began to call out the company for having mostly white, heterosexual characters and storylines. Over the past few years, Hallmark has taken this to heart. In 2020, the channel premiered "The Christmas House," its first film with a same-sex relationship at the forefront. Hallmark also added more films centered around characters of diverse ethnicities like "Christmas at the Golden Dragon."

After spending five years on "General Hospital" Ryan Paevey moved over to Hallmark and has since starred in films like "A Fabled Holiday," "A Summer Romance," and "Unleashing Mr. Darcy." Upon signing a deal with Hallmark for multiple future films, he seemingly addressed the criticism regarding the lack of diversity that Hallmark has faced in the past. "The fundamental storylines and equations are starting to change. Becoming more inclusive, embracing a broader range of content and subject matter to be more reflective of real life. The core of it is still the same," he told TV Insider.

The actor is excited for fans to see future Hallmark content

Ryan Paevey gave his overall opinion of the content that Hallmark Media produces. He acknowledged that many criticize the network's programming for being repetitive. However, Paevey stands by the network on this issue as well. "It's rare you can find a place like Hallmark that will consistently serve feel-good stuff," he stated (per TV Insider). He hinted at exciting new programming from the network as well. "The stuff we have you should be able to smile a little wider after watching."

Other Hallmark stars have sung their praises for the network amid the competition from Great American Family and efforts to ramp up diversity. Star of "The Way Home" Andie MacDowell gushed about her experience filming the series with Hallmark. "I'm grateful to be back with Hallmark they always treated me so respectfully," she wrote in an Instagram caption. Aimeé Teegarden was thrilled to sign a multi-film deal with Hallmark in 2022, telling Parade "Getting to work with Hallmark on projects that are both heartwarming and inspirational has been a dream come true."