Curtain Bangs Aren't Only For Long Hair - Here's Why They Belong With A Bob, Too

A great haircut is as flexible as your mother's recipe for tomato sauce. Even if you make adjustments to suit your own personal preferences, it still tastes great. The same is true of that perennial hairstyle, the bob cut. Like a good recipe, it's hardy enough to stand up to a tweak or two. For this reason, you might want to explore the idea of adding curtain bangs to your bob.


Naturally, you hesitate. A mash-up of two styles startles the mind . . . but before you reject the idea outright, try to remember the enduring nature of bob hairstyles that always bring the chic.

A bob is a style where the hair hugs the jawline. This chop is a staple with any number of variations that have been introduced by professionals and also home stylists experimenting with different layers, lengths, and symmetries. Remember, though, that during the 1920s, the bob's effect on the general population was like a stun gun applied to the ribs. Popularized by young flappers and movie stars, the cut symbolized the "new woman" emerging during that roaring, economically soaring era before the 1929 stock market crash caused the Great Depression (via Mane Addicts). At that time, the bob signaled the independent spirit of young women and this ageless reputation may be part of the reason why it continues today. These days, people are adding bangs to the timeless haircut. 


Bangs are ancient history . . . literally

If you're convinced a bob is a generally good direction, next you need to consider whether you want to integrate bangs into the look. It's clear the bob is a historic haircut, but bangs transcend the ages. In the early 800s, a musician and trendsetter named Ziryab (from the Arabic word for "jaybird") introduced his own version of this hairstyle, according to Paramount Beauty. And, long before this influencer made his mark, Egyptians of ancient times had been cropping the hair across their foreheads in the style of that ultimate fashionista, Cleopatra.


While bangs have earned centuries of esteem, let's admit the truth: they can be tricky! Some require extra maintenance, as in fussing and juggling combs and blowdryers, and some demand the use of products to keep them plastered in place. Add to that, there are infinite variations, so it may be difficult to decide which are the best bangs for your face. The wide variety of choices includes micro bangs (a super short, barely-there crop), feather bangs (a down-to-the-eyebrows chop that allows for wispy, random strands), and, of course, curtain bangs.

Enter curtain bangs and bob

As the name implies, curtain bangs are a longer cut opening at the center of your forehead and giving an impression of a curtain flung wide to expose the sun. They are versatile, adding dimension to hairstyles of every length. Mark Townsend, a professional stylist who names Dakota Johnson as his client, told Vogue, "When they're done right, they're flattering on everyone. It's a style that every face shape and every hair texture can have." Vernon Francois, a stylist and beauty entrepreneur,  added, "They are a simple way to elegantly frame your face when the rest of the hair is pulled up, and elevate loose hairstyles with a cool shape."


So why combine a bob with curtain bangs? No need to think twice: mix two styles, both with infinite variations, and you'll soon discover a satisfying look. And, since both styles are ageless, they work with faces of any generation. Best of all, if you take the plunge and later experience doubts, curtain bangs can be easily grown out, while a bob can be pulled into a discrete ponytail or bun. 

The decision is yours. Add curtain bangs to a bob? Win-win.