Hallmark's Chandler Massey Once Took Fans On His Weight Loss Journey

As an actor, Chandler Massey has learned to adapt to whatever his characters are going through. However, change isn't as easy in the real world. The Hallmark star has admitted that he's struggled with his health, fitness, and weight in the past. He even opened up to his fans about the struggles he's faced. After leaving his well-known role as Will Horton on the beloved soap opera "Days of Our Lives," Massey said he noticed some big changes in his body.

"I had been off 'Days' for 3 years and had utterly let myself go," Massey previously told Soap Hub. "I rationalized my lifestyle by telling myself that once I started working again, I could easily shed the weight & be 'camera ready.'" However, the actor got a dose of reality when he finally made his way back to the sudser and realized that he wasn't shedding pounds like he thought he would. "The fat that I had assumed was going to melt off my body like butter on a hot pancake refused to leave," he revealed.

The situation led Massey to a journey of health and fitness, but he admitted that he still struggles, confessing that he ate an entire package of cookies after seeing the "Game of Thrones" finale. However, through it all the actor has been open and honest about the process.

Massey's Days of Our Lives co-stars inspired him to lose weight

Chandler Massey reveals that his return to "Days of Our Lives" helped kickstart his health and wellness journey. "When I got back on 'DAYS,' everyone is so freaking fit around here, and I personally wanted to get back in shape," the soap alum told Soap Opera Digest.

"When Christopher Sean [ex-Paul] left, I felt like he was the 'hot' one, and Freddie [Smith, ex-Sonny] and I were the guys with good personalities. I felt like I sort of had a responsibility to pick up the mantle. Soaps are about powerful storytelling and family values, but it's also undeniably an aspect that soaps feature romance and sensuality. I just wanted fans of Will and Sonny, especially gay fans of 'DAYS OF OUR LIVES,' to be able to have in Will and Sonny what they have and what every other relationship on 'DAYS' has," Massey explained.

So, he went to work and shared his progress with fans, revealing that he had lost 30 pounds and that he was coming to terms with the fact that he had an emotional relationship with food, which he used to celebrate wins and get through sadness. Although Massey claims he had no idea if anyone would care about his transformation, he wanted to share his journey with others, which likely inspired some of his own fans to make healthy changes as well.

Chandler Massey reveals his new outlook on food

Although Chandler Massey knew that it would likely take hard work, the "Days of Our Lives" alum admits to setting unrealistic expectations for his weight loss goals. "I was looking for quick fixes for a long time," he said (via Soap Opera Digest.) "I think I have a personality that tends to be attracted to extremes. I would try various methods of losing weight really quickly, just really restricted diets or crazy exercise regimens, and none of them were sustainable," he added.

These days, Massey is focused on being healthy and says he's committed to his wellness. In addition to fitness, his diet is something that he tends to focus on as well. "I try to eat things that make me feel good and make sure I'm eating for the right reasons," the Hallmark star told Soap Hub in 2021. "I tend to eat when I'm bored, happy, or sad. So, now, I ask myself what's motivating my desire to go to an all-you-can-eat Korean barbeque. Is it that I'm hungry or is it that I had a crappy day and want to put an adhesive bandage on it?" he added.

Of course, Massey's fans are proud of the actor for focusing on his health and love seeing the results of his hard work in his TV projects.