Almond Moms Have Gone Viral Again, And They're Getting Bashed On TikTok

There's a lot to unpack about the almond mom trend. Although it's gained popularity recently, the trend's origins go back to 2013. It all began with an infamous scene in "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," when Gigi Hadid called her mother, Yolanda Hadid, to tell her that she was feeling really weak because she'd only eaten half an almond that day. Yolanda replied nonchalantly, "Have a couple of almonds and chew them really well."

In 2022, she clarified to People that her statement was taken out of context, and Yolanda wasn't even aware of what she was saying because she'd just emerged from surgery. However, throughout the show, Yolanda made several questionable statements to Gigi. She discouraged Gigi from playing volleyball, fearing that it would make her look too masculine. At Gigi's birthday party, Yolanda told her to enjoy "one night of being bad" and only ate the tiniest piece of her daughter's cake.

Sadly, tons of people saw their parents in Yolanda. And they took to TikTok to share their traumatic experiences in a light-hearted manner. @_leaveitblankk posted a video that depicted how almond moms shame their kids for their food choices at a restaurant and even take tasty ingredients out of a salad to make it "healthier." Likewise, in her video, fellow TikTok user @8kateee detailed how her own mother tried to put her on a highly restrictive diet that included no carbs, condiments, or fats, all of which had to be consumed in minimal portion sizes. 

Almond moms haven't had it easy either

The sad reality of almond moms is that they, too, have probably dealt with the same messaging all throughout their lives. There's no denying that diet culture is still prominent, but at least nowadays, many people are challenging these toxic "rules" and promoting healthier ideas in place of them. Most almond moms grew up in a generation riddled with unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards and fad diets, without anybody around to point out how much harm they can cause. 

Likewise, their own parents probably added fuel to the fire with even more antiquated advice on what a woman's body should look like and kept them on a strict diet that resembled what they were projecting onto their children. They were most likely ingrained with the misconception that energy-dense food, sugar, and fats have absolutely no place in a healthy diet. They were made to believe these "unhealthy" foods would compromise their overall health and physique. 

In a way, many almond moms truly believe they're helping their children lead a healthier lifestyle by eliminating junk food and promoting exercising too much. It's important to know that almond moms don't have to put their children on a strict diet and exercise program for the behavior to be projected onto them. Kids can glean all the negative ideas and face the ill effects of having an almond mom by simply watching them follow their diet and exercise rules.

Here's how to cope with an almond mom

Of course, learning that an almond mom has struggled too shouldn't invalidate the impact it's had on your life. They shouldn't have subjected a child to the same toxic behavior. As with any healing process, the first step is to accept your emotions and recognize the damage. You should also work on healing your relationship with food and exercise and gaining more self-confidence. It's hard to let go of diet rules from your childhood, but it could be the key to healing your relationship with food. 

Always remember there's no such thing as "good" or "bad" food. As Cara Bohon, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist and eating disorder expert, advised Well + Good: "Allowing all foods to be eaten without shame or guilt is critical. We need all kinds of foods to live and thrive." Diet culture often leads us to believe that consuming energy-dense food like carbs equates to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you're struggling with that, think of what you can add to the energy-dense food to increase its nutritional content to open yourself up to including it in your diet again. 

Further, remember that the benefits of exercise go beyond aesthetics. Establish some boundaries for when you see your almond mom again. Avoid talking about food. If they comment on your eating habits, let them know how it makes you feel and try to change the subject. Be mindful of their trauma but stand your ground.