Wire Ponytails Are The Latest Hair Trend Taking Over - Here's How To Recreate The Look

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Different hair trends are always surfacing, whether it be colors, styles, or accessories. In 2023, a few different hairstyles have been making waves, one being the bandana hair accessory. However, styling your hair with a bandana can be difficult. If headbands aren't your thing but you're really looking for a fun way to spruce up your hair game, we recommend trying the newest 2023 hair trend: the wire ponytail. 

According to PopSugar, wire ponytails were a huge part of runway hairstyles during New York Fashion Week, as if that isn't reason enough to try out the look. There are tons of different ways to style a wire ponytail look, too. Believe it or not, PopSugar mentions how recreating the look actually isn't as intimidating as it may seem — it's simple enough for the least crafty people out there to accomplish it and rock the style. Simply put, you either use the wire as your hair elastic or wrap the wire over the hair elastic if you feel like your hair might need some extra support. 

Now that you know how simple it is to construct the hairstyle, the hard part is deciding which hairstyle you actually want to wear the wire ponytail with. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can style hair with a wire ponytail.

How to recreate the look

Improving your hair game is something everyone should strive for in 2023, because why not? Starting with something simple like the wire ponytail is a great idea, especially because it looks way more intricate than it actually is. There are plenty of different ways to style the hairstyle, including a full-wired ponytail, a curled ponytail, a bubble ponytail, a side braid, a sleek look — the list goes on. Once the ponytail is in the hair, the problems are done. You did it! Just secure the look with some hairspray and call it a day.

But ... back up a minute. What hairstyles can we use with a wire ponytail? Well, to be honest, everything. It's all possible. If it uses an elastic, it can use a wire ponytail over it. Why not? The look has been around for quite some time, but it's just recently made a comeback in the fashion world, so go give it a shot!

Where to buy wire ponytails

To be honest, finding wire to recreate a wire ponytail look isn't all that difficult. Realistically, anyone could just take a quick trip to their local hardware store and invest in their favorite shade of wire. It sounds crazy, but it's just wire, right? If the thought of that intimidates you, just go ahead online and do some online shopping, and you should find some great options in no time.

For example, Amazon has some great wire elastics that are wrapped in leather for an added fashion element to complete your look. Etsy also has some really unique options for wire ponytails that are totally worth checking out. Summer is just around the corner, and that means the hot, blazing sun will have you wanting your hair up more often than usual. There are numerous different hairstyles that can help keep your hair off your neck this summer, and adding a wire ponytail to each look is just another way to step up your hair game.