35 Hairstyles That'll Keep Your Hair Off Your Neck This Summer

While it may not feel like it quite yet, spring is on its way. Summer will follow, and for most of us, so will hot days and humid evenings. Though that means there are plenty of exciting things on the horizon, like eating outside at restaurants, trips to the beach, and outdoor parties, it also means a few things we all dread: sunburn, sweat, and the dreaded frizzy hair. We're going to need a game plan that allows us to minimize sweat-induced summertime sadness and maximize our time enjoying the warm weather in our cutest summer outfits — we've got you covered.

From space buns to box braids to buzzing it all off, here are 35 different ways to keep your hair off your neck this summer. And, not only are all these styles perfect for keeping you frizz-free and put together, but they're also on-trend and utterly chic. In the words of the great poet, Demi Lovato, we hope you're ready to be "cool for the summer," because your hair's about to not only look hot but also be hot weather-proof. 

French braid ponytail

French braids are a staple for keeping your hair out of your face, but this summer, it's time to kick the classic french braid up a notch. We love a hairdo that looks like it was complicated to create but is actually pretty simple, and this french braid ponytail definitely fits that description. Simply start some french braids that meet at the crown of your head and tie with a hair tie. From there, you have plenty of options. Let the ponytail loose or braid it, and cover the hair tie with hair, or leave it visible. 

Box braid ponytail

Box braids have many features of the perfect hot weather hair: they'll keep your hair out of your face and free of frizz while still looking sleek and chic. Box braids in a ponytail will also keep your long hair contained and prevent that terrible feeling we long-haired girlies get when our hair sticks to our sweaty backs. A high pony, low pony, or side pony are all options with this look, so don't be afraid to do some experimenting with your ponytail placement and try different options. 

Colorful high ponytail

Spring and summer are festival seasons, and this hairstyle is perfectly festival-ready. That said, we really can't think of anywhere we wouldn't want to wear this vibrant, fun high ponytail. This ponytail starts with multiple split-up sections and tiny braids to make the colorful strands even more prominent. We also love the idea of swapping out the colorful pieces for sparkling hair tinsel, some dazzling hair glitter, or even colorful streaks dyed into your hair that will make sure this fun, colorful do lasts you the whole season. 

Curly top knot

No matter what time of year it is, there's no easier hairstyle than a messy bun. Being able to throw your hair on top of your head and go means you don't need to worry about styling, and in the hot, humid summer months, you also don't need to worry about your hairstyle falling out, frizzing up, or making you overheat. The curly girls of the world know just how much humidity-induced frizz can ruin your look. That's why a curly, messy topknot with a smoothed down base is just as practical as it is cute. 

Bubble braid

Bubble braids are one of the latest hair trends and there are a few reasons why they're so great. First and foremost, bubble braids are uniquely fun and whimsical. Plus, they'll keep your hair just a bit more tied back and off of your neck and back than a regular ponytail. And, lastly, they're extremely easy to replicate on your own –– even if you're not particularly skilled in the hairstyling department. Simply give yourself a high ponytail. Then, use small clear elastic bands all the way down the ponytail to create the "bubbles." 

Double bubble braids

As far as we're concerned, two bubble braids are better than one. Okay –– not really; we love both of these adorably bubbly looks equally. That said, these bubble braid pigtails are the perfect hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face. Paired with a middle part and some face-framing tendrils, double bubble braids are a look fit for all your summer activities. We also love the idea of trying this look with colorful hair ties instead of black or clear for a little extra pizazz. 

High ponytail

We all want to channel our inner Ariana Grande once in a while, and since most of us can't hit those high notes like she can, we'll have to settle for her iconic high ponytail. In reality, though, we're not settling at all. A high ponytail is basically the perfect go-to warm weather hairstyle. Whether your hair is extra long or medium-length, you have natural curls or straight strands, or you have bangs or face-framing layers, try moving your everyday ponytail up just a little. This style will snatch your face and make you look cute and confident. 

Low pony with side part

After the beauty trend cycle insisted that we stick to middle parts for the past few years, side parts are officially back. We think this low pony is a great way to celebrate the news. You've probably heard folks on social media complaining that they "look like a founding father" when wearing their ponytail at the base of their neck. Luckily, the side part can prevent your sleek 'do from giving off any unwanted "Hamilton" vibes. This look is sleek, chic, and perfect for keeping you cool. 

Big messy bun

Messy buns are great for lounging at home, and they're also ideal for keeping your hair up off of your neck. That said, there are a few key ways to make your messy bun look ready for going out. Pull your hair back into a ponytail, and use some bobby pins to pin the ends of your hair around the ponytail's base, giving your bun plenty of volume. Leave some tendrils loose for that effortless, undone effect. 

Medium height ponytail

In a world of high ponytails and low ponytails, dare to stand out. In all seriousness, though, a ponytail that's right in the middle of your head is a more unexpected and sophisticated option. Let some face-framing layers or bangs hang out of the ponytail, and wrap your hair tie with a bit of hair to add some extra interest to your medium-height ponytail. And, experiment with heatless curls, a curling iron, or a flat iron to give your ponytail different vibes to go with different outfits. 

Space buns

If you want a cooling look that's out of this world, it's time to try space buns. Space buns can come in all shapes and sizes. From the cute, quirky, Mickey Mouse-inspired big buns we've seen plenty of fashionistas sporting to smaller, more sophisticated versions, space buns are adorable no matter which type you choose. They work with bangs, layers, and all types of hair textures. Plus, they make a way bigger fashion statement than a normal bun without having to make much more effort. Who doesn't love a 'do that does that?

Flipped out ponytail

Most of the beauty trends we're loving as of late are recycled from decades past. So, why not use the summer heat as a reason to try a 1950s-inspired hairstyle on for size. We love the idea of taking a sleek, slicked back ponytail and using a flatiron, curling iron, or blowdryer and round brush to flip the ends of your hair up. Finish by wrapping a bit of hair around your hair tie and pinning it down and spraying some hairspray to prevent flyaways. 

Pony Accessory

With the '90s and Y2K trend renaissance we've all been experiencing for the past few years, it's no surprise that we've seen the rise of hair accessories. From barrettes to butterfly clips, the jewelry for your hair of yesteryear has been back, and we think a summer-ready updo is a perfect way to incorporate them into your 'fits. From high ponytails with luxurious satin scrunchies, like these ones from Kitsch to cool hair clips, like this set from QIEIMUFHD, hair accessories of all kinds can spice up your updo while keeping your hair out of your face. 

Crown braid

Crown braids are a very cute choice for a summer hairstyle. Crown braids are braids that go all the way around your head in a circle –– you know –– like a crown. To get the look, start by separating the front half of your hair and pushing it to the front. Take one section and begin to use it to make a French braid around the head. Then, take the other section of hair, tie it into a normal braid, and bobby pin it down around the rest of the head to create the crown braid. 

Side ponytail

We all know that in the beauty world, the 1990s are back. Consequently, we think it's time for a side ponytail renaissance. While this may seem like a major vintage fashion statement, it's actually surprisingly versatile and practical for 2023. A side ponytail keeps your lengthy locks off of your neck and shoulders, but it still allows your hair to be visible from the front: a factor that may have many ponytail-haters reaching for a scrunchie. While we love the cute playfulness of an ultra high side ponytail, a super low side ponytail is an equally cool option. 

Curly side ponytail

If you've got a tight curl pattern and think that your hair's texture makes a side ponytail a big no-no for you, allow us to change your mind. This look is fun and allows you to slick back your hair, preventing frizz, without losing the volume your hair provides on those hot and humid days. Slicking your hair to your head but leaving your curls free to bounce around by your face gives you the best of both worlds. 

French bob

With choppy, short, textured haircuts on the rise, there are so many bob hairstyles you may want to try in 2023. Why not go for the most classic bob of all: the French bob? The French bob is a cropped haircut that ends right around your cheekbones or chin. It's often paired with bangs. While the cut comes from the roaring '20s, it's never quite gone out of style, and it's definitely in these days. For summertime, we absolutely love a relaxed, wavy version, like this one, that goes with your hair's natural texture. 

Slicked back bun

The slicked back bun is the perfect go-to hairstyle for a hot summer day. It's simple, pretty, and can even work with some greasy hair that hasn't been washed in a few days. When styling a slicked back updo — like influencer @matildadjerf — hairstylist, Annagjid Kee Taylor told Women's Health, we should use "either a gel (like Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel), a wax (like OUAI Matte Pomade) or a medium hold hairspray (like TRESemme Compressed Smooth Hairspray Hold Level 2) to keep everything in place." 

Claw clips

The claw clip is another hair accessory that was out for many years and is now very much back in. Claw clips are one of the easiest ways to pull your hair back and get it off of your neck in the hot weather. While these clips tend to work best on thin or medium-length hair, they come in so many shapes and sizes that you'll surely be able to find one that works for you. Try these adorable flower claw clips to get the look featured here or these ones, which are designed for thicker hair.

Pixie cut

There are certainly plenty of ways to tie your hair back and keep it off of your neck for the hot summer months. Ultimately, though, there's no updo quite as cooling and refreshing as chopping it all off. Sure –– many of us may not be ready to make the leap to a pixie cut, but if you're considering the big chop before summer, we say "go for it!" Just make sure to take your face shape into consideration when choosing which style and length of pixie cut to go with.

Curly pixie cut

If you've got curly or wavy hair, that does not mean that you should steer clear of short haircuts. On the contrary –– short haircuts can be a great way, not only to let your natural curl pattern shine, but also to keep pesky summertime frizz at bay. A pixie cut will allow your curls to come through without being weighed down by long hair. Plus, it will definitely cut down on styling time. Just use a bit of frizz control, such as Colorproof Tru Curl Enhancing Crème, and go.

Gradient buzzcut

Perhaps you aren't afraid of a pixie cut, and instead, you think a mere short haircut just isn't short enough. If you're ready to feel the cool breeze on your scalp this summer, it may be time to buzz it all off. The gradient buzzcut allows you to have a full buzzcut at the bottom of your hair and a bit more length on the top of your head. Of course, how much length you want is up to you. You may also consider a partial buzzcut, which leaves half or a section of your hair long. 

Full buzzcut

Many folks believe that only a few people in the world have been blessed with perfect enough cheekbones to rock a buzzcut. In reality, though, a bit of edginess and plenty of confidence can make this your perfect summer haircut, no matter who you are. Experiment with different lengths, or even dye it a fun, bright color. Since this cut is short, the length and color are very temporary and easily changed. Just make sure to add a scalp sunscreen, like this one from Sun Bum, to your routine.


Most people shy away from pigtails as they get older, but we think this hairstyle can be adorable and fashion-forward if done right. We love this messy look with tendrils and cute hair accessories at the base of each pigtail. As cute as high pigtails can be when they're messy and effortless looking, low pigtails that start just below your ears can be just as unexpected and cool, especially if you have hair that's on the shorter side. The trick is to keep the pigtails a bit messy, rather than slicked back. 

Dutch braids

If you feel like you graduated from dutch braids when you turned eight years old, just look at these ones, and you'll reconsider. Dutch braids are the perfect summer look because they'll keep your hair tied back whether you're lounging at the beach, going out for margs, or even just staying cool in the A/C. Plus, you'll look super cute at the same time. Celeb hairstylist Irinel de Leon told Byrdie, "This hairstyle is really great for any hair type. Those with straight or wavy hair can wear it overnight for pretty wearable braids come morning." 

Dutch braid pigtails

If you're just about ready to start clicking your heels together and saying "there's no time like summer; there's no time like summer," we've got the perfect hairstyle that will leave you thinking, "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in winter anymore." Yes –– these dutch braid pigtails are utterly Dorothy-inspired, and while Judy Garland was sporting this look nearly a century ago, we can't help but feel that it is cool and fresh again in 2023. You can style this look with some loose bangs or curled tendrils for a more relaxed, summery vibe.

Short swept back bob

There's something so easy breezy about this style of bob, and easy breezy is definitely one of our beauty goals for the hottest days of the summer. This is the perfect wash-and-go hairstyle. Just add a bit of a de-frizzing product, like this one from Living Proof, brush and style your hair back and away from your face, and you're ready for wherever the day takes you. You don't have to worry about bangs or updos for this style, and you'll definitely have your hair out of your way. 

Textured bob with beachy waves

Beachy waves are so unabashedly warm weather-ready, they've even got beach in the name.  With a bit of glowy makeup and long beachy waves, you'll look like you just stepped off the sand with some windswept locks. Yet, many of us simply can't stomach long-styled hair flowing freely on a hot summer afternoon. Enter the textured bob. This cut has plenty of layers but not too much length, so the waves will come naturally and won't leave you sweating. 


If you're looking to keep the hair off the back of your neck, why not do it literally? An undercut will add edge to your look while also removing some volume from your hair, which in turn, will keep you cooler. An undercut meshes perfectly with a cute asymmetrical pixie cut like this one, but you can also add it to a bob or even long hair. While you won't be able to see it all the time with longer hair, it adds a cute touch to an updo and keeps you cool. 

French twist

The modern French manicure is all-the-rage, so we think it's about time for a modern take on the French twist. While this '60s-inspired updo may seem too fancy for every day to some, consider how versatile this hairstyle can actually be. From messy and texturized with hanging tendrils to sleek and perfectly coiffed or even held up by a claw clip, there are so many versions of this hairstyle that can make it perfect for every day. You can even use it as the base of a ponytail for a new twist –– no pun intended –– on a classic 'do. 


If you have semi-short or medium length hair, you can pin or gel your hair into a fauxhawk for an edgy spin on an updo. This look will keep your hair contained and out of your way while still giving you some volume, which is a perfect combination for the warmer months. And, as you can see, this is an especially cute look if you have a tight curl pattern. And, if you're feeling extra daring, you can always take this look all the way and give yourself a real mowhawk. 


Like the French twist and the fauxhawk, the chignon is an updo that you've certainly seen before, but you may have never considered trying it. Chignon is a word that's derived from the French phrase, "chignon du cou," which means "nape of the neck." This style is named after its placement since it's a low bun that's located at the nape of your neck. There are tons of different hairstyles that fall under the chignon category, but we love this perfectly simple low bun with face-framing tendrils. 

Sun hat

Not exactly a hairstyle, but an important accessory that will go with any hairstyle is a wide-brim hat. Sun hats were literally made for warm, sunny weather, so if you are looking for something to keep you feeling cool and looking even cooler this summer, a sun hat is the way to go. Sure –– a sun hat won't keep your hair off of your neck all by itself, but it's the perfect warm-weather accessory to throw on over your cropped haircut, low ponytail, or even braids. 

Sliced bob

The low-effort sliced bob is a refreshing take on the short haircut trend that's been seen on stars and influencers as of late. If you aren't familiar with the term, you've surely still seen the cut. From Karlie Kloss to Kim Kardashian, the look has been all the rage, and it's the perfect choice for staying cool in the warmer months. The sliced bob is like other chin-length bobs, but as celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh told Glamour, "it's ever so slightly longer at the front and almost A-line . . . If you have finer hair, this helps create a cleaner line."

Funnel cake buns

Lizzie McGuire called; she wants her hairstyle back. Just kidding –– we all know that all things Y2K beauty are ours for the taking. The trending Y2K-inspired funnel cake bun is just the latest style to join the ranks of early aughts trends to get a reboot in 2023, and we are so glad it is. To get the look, just pull your hair back and split it into multiple sections. Twist each section up, and bobby pin it down. Repeat each section until it's complete. You can also try this look with space buns.