How To Answer The 'A Pro And Con Of Dating Me' Bumble Prompt

Taking the risk of being vulnerable can yield huge rewards when you're using dating apps. Their prompts range from Instagram-worthy captions to invitations like "meet me here" or "this could be us." Figuring out the shoulds and shouldn'ts of online dating can feel like a daunting task, but finding the most important questions you should be asking matches on Bumble is a strong step to kick things off.

Dating coach Emyli Lovz explained to Bustle why Bumble is a particularly strong choice when it comes to a dating app that makes promises to its users. She said, "It's refreshing to have an application built for and by women that lives up to its nickname as 'the feminist Tinder.'" She also added, "Bumble tries to make starting conversations easier with Bumble questions, which users can select to start a conversation."

When it comes to the "a pro and con of dating me" prompt, you'll want to nail down personal details that are relevant, truthful, and playful enough to pique a potential date's interest. But just like being asked your strengths and weaknesses in a job interview, it's important to strike the right balance between confidence and coyness in your "pros," while the "cons" of getting involved with you shouldn't deter anyone from moving forward.

Make your profile stand out

Behavioral scientist and dating coach Logan Ury told Pure Wow about some of the best ways to make sure your Bumble profile is sending the right message to potential dates. "A great profile includes unique, personal responses that will help you catch someone's attention," he shared, warning against overly general answers. "For example, don't respond to the prompt 'I'm overly competitive about' with 'everything.' Or for the prompt 'You'll know I like you if,' don't give the overused answer: 'If I invite you to meet my dog.'" In the same vein, responding to the "a pro and con of dating me" prompt with a pro like "loves animals" will come off as pretty generic. Instead, a strong pro might be that you're an expert on penguins, or that you love taking dates to the zoo. 

As Ury suggested, "Use this precious real estate to stand out and make a great first impression." Assuming that folks may not read beyond the first few answers on your profile, sharing pros that make you stand out is the best strategy. Then, when it comes to cons, it's okay to get real while adding some personal charm.

The best answers combine charm and honesty

On Bumble, leading with green flags is your best bet, and honesty is the best policy when it comes to laying out what you do and don't want from a relationship. Dating coach Logan Ury shared with Pure Wow, "Real connection comes from real vulnerability. That means sharing what's going on for you in your life." If you feel the need to include something you've really struggled with as a "con," dates might appreciate your candor, as well as your investment in self-improvement. 

Considering your profile as an overall positive expression of your dating hopes, a "con for dating me" might be the passion you won't shut up about or that you spend an embarrassing amount of time at Bath & Body Works. Though you're listing these as cons, plenty of folks will see them as pluses. 

Bumble India posted potential answers to the pro and con question to Instagram: "Pro: Will reply to every part of your message. Con: Sometimes your online order will get delivered faster than my text." But since matches expire after 24 hours on Bumble, you may not want to give the impression that you'll leave your match hanging.