How To Sweat-Proof Your Sunscreen To Keep Your Skin Safe

We all have that friend who accompanies us on the very same activity and while we're gasping for air and have beads of sweat running down the sides of our faces, they look perfectly even with no visible perspiration to be found anywhere. While there are those lucky few who seem to never sweat in the summer, most of us sweat profusely during warm weather.

Sweating is a healthy body mechanism and allows your skin to cool down by releasing water out of your sweat glands. Your body would overheat without the ability to sweat. Furthermore, when you sweat, you release toxins, bacteria, and heavy metals in natural detoxification. Yet while sweat is a good and healthy bodily function besides causing discomfort and embarrassment at times, it can also leave you vulnerable to the sun's dangerous UV rays if it prevents you from keeping a sufficient amount of sunscreen on your skin.

Apply antiperspirant before sunscreen

During the height of hazy, hot, and humid temperatures, it's nearly impossible to not sweat and that will affect how your sunscreen works. One trick to try to lessen sweat from affecting sunscreen is to use an antiperspirant which helps prevent perspiration. This will take some time though because antiperspirants should ideally be applied to freshly washed and dried skin and they need several hours to reach optimal effectiveness. If you plan to be in the sun, try showering and using an antiperspirant several hours before you apply sunscreen. 

According to WebMD, it's best to apply sunscreen a full half hour before you venture into the sun. That will leave plenty of time for the sunscreen to work best after it sufficiently absorbs. Most people know that sunscreen must be reapplied after swimming, but not everyone knows that it must also be reapplied after sweating. If you are outdoors, exercising, or running, you'll need to reapply more often.