The Three Simple Words King Charles Said To Prince William During His Coronation

King Charles III's coronation surely marks one of (if not the) most important days in his life. Yet, in addition to the newly crowned king and queen and the people they represent, there's one other person for whom this day is especially important. As Charles officially takes over for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the line to the throne shifts, and Prince William gets just a bit closer. William's life has certainly changed since becoming the Prince of Wales after the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II, but what's even more noteworthy is the ways in which his life will change even further in the future. Now that King Charles III's coronation ceremony is complete, William's position in the royal family becomes that much more important, as the next time a celebration like this one takes place, it will be he who is wearing the crown.

Surely the impact of this momentous occasion on William's life isn't lost on anyone, especially Charles. No one knows better than he does how it feels to be second in line for the throne. After all, he was in that position for more than 70 years during Queen Elizabeth's reign. Consequently, William's presence at the ceremony was of the utmost importance, and it's clear that Charles wanted to make sure that he knew it. Charles was clearly touched by Williams's kind words of support during the ceremony, and in response, he managed to say three words to his son that spoke volumes: "Thank you, William."

King Charles III is grateful for Prince William's support

According to the order of succession, Prince William is next in line for the throne now that King Charles III has officially taken over. As a result, the coronation included a brief moment that isn't normally part of coronation tradition. Prince William said a few words in honor of his father as the new king looked on with love and emotion in his eyes. The Prince of Wales knelt down and said, "I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge my loyalty to you and faith and truth I will bear unto you, as your liege man of life and limb. So help me God." 

When he finished speaking, William stood up and gently touched his father's new crown before giving him a kiss on the cheek. It was clear to any onlooker that this was a poignant and emotional moment for Charles, so he took the opportunity to make it clear to William how much his words and support meant. Charles gave William a nod before saying, "Amen." Finally, he whispered to his eldest son, "Thank you, William."

King Charles III's role as father had a place at his coronation too

King Charles III's relationship with his sons was the elephant in the room at Westminster Abbey during the coronation. While no drama seemed to break out as far as viewers could tell and both Charles' sons were in attendance, it's safe to say that the feud between Prince Harry and the rest of his family was on plenty of people's minds. Charles and Prince William were almost surely included in that. Aside from the myriad obvious reasons, Charles' strained relationship with Harry is likely part of the reason why William's pledge of undying support for his dad was such an emotional moment. 

While it was a positive statement that Harry attended the coronation at all, it seems that no formal hatchet burying has occurred between the Duke of Sussex and his father and brother. This is despite Charles' insistence that he wants to put the bad blood behind them and move forward with both of his sons by his side. Still, the title of the memoir that set the family feud into motion, "Spare," certainly came to mind today, as the next in line, William, was front and center, and the "spare," Harry, was deep in the audience. How exactly the royal family will choose to move forward is unclear, but one thing is certain: The order of succession is firmly in place.