Jana Kramer Talks One Tree Hill And Those Reboot Rumors - Exclusive

Actor and musician Jana Kramer must be great at multi-tasking. Not only has she just dropped her long-awaited new single, "Let It Burn," but the mom-of-two has also collaborated with LULUSIMONSTUDIO for a limited edition capsule collection for Mother's Day. The collaboration features sweatshirts and tees featuring empowering and fun slogans, such as "Mom of the Year," "Doing Mom S***," and "Better Off." Working with LULUSIMONSTUDIO is clearly a real passion project for Kramer as she has nothing but praise for the company.

"I love their clothes. They're comfy; they're stylish; they're cute; they give you a little laugh." Kramer also enjoys the design process and seems to have found a true partner in the clothing brand. "LULUSIMONSTUDIO does an amazing job of letting whomever they're [working with] influence the shirt [and] have their own direction," she tells The List in an exclusive interview.

Alongside her many creative endeavors, Kramer is known for her role as Alex Dupré on "One Tree Hill." Toward the end of 2022, Kramer reunited with some of her "One Tree Hill" cast mates at a convention, prompting rumors that a reboot could be in the works. In the same interview, Jana Kramer reveals if she'd ever return for a reboot of "One Tree Hill."

Jana Kramer doesn't know if she'd be asked back for a One Tree Hill reboot

Jana Kramer played Alex Dupré on "One Tree Hill" for the show's final three seasons. While Alex started out as somewhat of an antagonist, viewers quickly warmed to the actor turned singer, who became an important part of the cast. Having reunited with the "One Tree Hill" cast at a convention in November 2022, Kramer knows that fans are wondering if a reboot might happen. 

"I would [return]," she tells The List. "I don't know if they would have my character come back, but [I] totally would ... I would understand if they didn't." Regardless of whether or not "One Tree Hill" is ever rebooted, Kramer remains grateful to fans of the show. 

"I was lucky to have a small part in the last three years on that show, and it was something that helped shape my career," Kramer says. "It was the reason I got into country music, and 'One Tree Hill' fans are the most loyal humans ever, so I enjoy those moments and those conventions to be able to thank them." Obviously, fans of the iconic teen show would love to see the cast reunite on screen once again, and hopefully Kramer would be included in any reboot plans if they happen.

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