Gregory Peck's Grandchildren Have Grown Up To Be Gorgeous

Back in the day, Gregory Peck was, objectively, one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. Known for his roles in classics like "To Kill a Mockingbird," in which he played Atticus Finch, a lawyer seeking justice, and "Roman Holiday," in which he starred opposite Audrey Hepburn as a photographer who falls for a European princess, Peck took the industry by storm in the '30s, '40s, and '50s. He is best known, perhaps, for playing roles that dared to speak out for those in society without a voice of their own. Throughout the course of his career, he was nominated for six Oscars, two of which he won.

In addition to his illustrious career, Peck also had a large family. Peck had three children with his first wife, Greta Kukkonen, and two with his second wife, Veronique Peck. From his five children, Peck had a further six grandchildren. Peck died in 2003 after a bout of pneumonia — but his six grandchildren are all carrying on his legacy in their own ways. Some have become actors, while others have, like the characters he is famous for playing, become social justice advocates. One even named their first child after one of his characters. Let's take a look at where they all are now.

Ethan Peck grew up in Hollywood

Gregory Peck's first grandchild, Ethan, was born in 1986. He is the son of Stephen Peck, Gregory's second son. Thanks to his grandfather's fame, Ethan's childhood wasn't exactly ordinary. As he told the Evening Standard in 2016, he grew up surrounded by Hollywood legends. "I remember meeting Roger Moore at my grandfather's house as a young boy and being impressed because I was such a big fan of 007," he said. "But," he added, "I was young and I didn't have a perception of what celebrity was, or who my grandfather was ... I still don't really."

Ethan attended two private schools as a child and began acting when he was just 7 years old. And while his grandfather's legacy certainly opened some doors for him, it has also meant that people have plenty of preconceptions about him. "It's difficult to digest the fact that they may never see me for who I am," he reflected. "I certainly strive to be a good, honest man and hopefully someday my qualities will be seen as my own."

Ethan Peck is a successful actor

Even though Ethan Peck grew up with many people making assumptions about him because of his grandfather, he soon managed to carve out his own reputation as an actor. He landed his first role in 1995 in an episode of "Charlie Grace," before also picking up parts in "Marshal Law" and "The Drew Carey Show." From 2000 to 2002, Peck played young Kelso (the young version of Ashton Kutcher's character) in "That '70s Show." One of his biggest breaks came in 2009 when he landed the role of Patrick in the show "10 Things I Hate About You." The role was originally played by Heath Ledger in the film. Since then, Peck has appeared in "Gossip Girl," "In Time," and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," amongst other projects.

In between, Peck also found time to complete a degree at NYU. "I was at the Experimental Theatre, and they taught me a lot about everything," he told Shine On Media. "I mean, not really just acting but about life and people and relationships and intimacy and love and everything."

Ethan Peck is best-known for playing Spock

Although Ethan Peck found plenty of success as an actor, he didn't exactly find fame until 2019, when he was cast as the iconic Spock in Paramount+'s "Star Trek: Discovery." At first, Peck was terrified about taking on the role that had previously been played by Leonard Nimroy and Zachary Quinto. "I was just waiting to get fired for like six months," he said to Trek Central. "Even when we went to 'Strange New Worlds' [a 2022 TV show], I was like, 'I'm getting fired.' So that was always there, a lot of doubt."

Nevertheless, fans have embraced him. At conventions, he's met hundreds of fans. And not only has Spock brought Peck new levels of fame, but he has also helped him grow as a person. "He challenges me to be more confident. To have more useful thoughts," he said to Esquire. "I found that I spent a lot of time thinking about ways in which I wasn't worthy or good enough, and that wasn't useful."

While Gregory Peck wasn't exactly known for sci-fi, it's pretty clear that his grandson has inherited some of his talents.

Marisa Peck transitioned from being an acupuncturist to working in tech

Gregory Peck's second grandchild, Marisa Peck, was born around 1983 (based on when she graduated high school), although the exact date is unclear. She is the eldest daughter of Carey Peck, who is Gregory Peck's son and his third child from his first marriage to Greta Kukkonen.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Marisa went to the Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences from 1997 to 2001. After that, she studied Social and Environmental Justice at the Ivy League Brown University, graduating in 2005. She also took acupuncture courses at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine. 

After graduating from Brown, Marisa worked as a teacher at her old high school for nine years while also interning as an acupuncturist and herbalist. In 2012, she took a job as an acupuncturist at the Venice Family Clinic, where she worked until 2016.

Marisa Peck founded her own consultancy and lives with her family

In recent years, Marisa Peck has moved away from her career as an acupuncturist into the tech space. "My career has taken me from education to tech, where I recently spent three years in-house at Snap Inc [Snapchat's official company name]," Peck's LinkedIn bio reads. Peck worked on the Inclusion Team at Snap Inc. from 2016 until 2019, when she set off on her own, forming her own company.

She has been running Hello Human since 2019. It "uses radical facilitation to align teams with their organizational goals," as Peck wrote on LinkedIn. The company is a consultancy that promises to help companies through "dynamic group workshops" that can take place both in person and virtually. The company also offers coaching. "Content may include mission-values-vision work, art, physical activity, meditation, assessments, trust building, developing communication tools," Peck wrote.

Peck is married to Tyler Johnson. The pair have two children, Pearl and Rex.

Chris Peck is a high school teacher

Chris Peck, son of Carey Peck and Marisa Peck's younger brother, is Gregory Peck's third grandchild. According to his LinkedIn profile, his passion has always been teaching. After getting a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Pitzer College in 2012, he completed a Master's degree in Education at John Hopkins University — and he's been teaching ever since. 

He first worked for the company Teach for America, teaching English to underprivileged children in Hawaii's Ewa Beach for three years. He also coached several sports teams during his time there. In 2015, he began teaching languages and writing at the International School of Monagas in Venezuela. While in Venezuela, he presented at two education conferences. Then, from 2016 until 2018, he taught fiction to 6th and 7th Grade students in East Los Angeles at Kipp LA Public Schools. His most recent position has been at Citizens of the World Los Angeles where he is currently an Institute Fellow. 

Chris Peck has his own teaching podcast

In 2019, Chris Peck started his own podcast inspired by his career as an international teacher of English. "The Traveling Teacher" is, as the description reads, the story of "one teacher [who] ventures across the world to observe classrooms and open conversations with educators and students." In his first episode, Peck explained that he was inspired to start the podcast to promote educational equality because of his own experiences. "Growing up, I struggled in elementary school," he said. "I had a speech impediment and struggled with my emotional regulation. If I hadn't grown up white and privileged, this combination could have been a deadly prescription putting me down the path to high school dropout." 

Over the course of the podcast, Peck traveled around the world, speaking to educators and students to find out how the States could improve their education system. As Peck put it, "All students deserve an excellent and equitable education, but it's clear that students across the United States are receiving not that."

Zack Peck runs a sustainable clothing business and owns a tattoo parlour

Gregory Peck's fourth grandchild is Zack Peck. Zack is the only child of Anthony Peck, who was Gregory's first son from his second marriage to Veronique Peck. As the official Gregory Peck website states, Zack was born in 1991 and moved to the U.K. According to his Instagram bio, he is the co-owner of a tattoo shop in Los Angeles called Sixty Ink LA, which opened in 2023.

Zack is also the owner of a small UK clothing company called The Ramblers. As the company's website explains, Zack first came up with the idea during lockdown. "The idea for The Ramblers came to us around 3 AM last year when everyone was raiding the closet looking for the cushiest articles of clothing," the origin story states. "Onto the floor went a suspicious pile of scratchy sweaters in various shades of almond and we thought to ourselves, 'absolutely not.'" So, Zack found a manufacturer who helped him design and create comfortable, sustainable clothes. Zack has also done some modeling for the company. The shop primarily sells pajamas and scarves so far.

Zack Peck named his son after his grandfather's most famous character

It's clear that Zack Peck is keen to keep the legacy of his grandfather alive. In fact, he even named his son after one of Gregory Peck's most famous characters, Atticus Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird." He also has a daughter named Elektra. 

On June 6, 2020, Zack posted a touching tribute to his grandfather and to the character of Atticus in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the caption, he included a quote from the film: "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." He added, "The introduction to my education but by no means the end." Just one day later, Zack posted a touching image of him playing the drums with his son, Atticus. In the caption, he wrote, "Teaching the young blood about Bonzo in these dark times #ledzeppelin #johnbonham." Evidently, Zack is still deeply influenced by his grandfather's moving performances.

Harper Peck-Voll is a model and is studying at NYU

Harper Peck-Voll, Gregory Peck's fifth grandchild, is the first son of Cecilia Peck, Gregory's youngest child and only daughter. According to the official Gregory Peck website, Harper was born in 1999. Harper was only four when his grandfather died, but he remains passionate about him and his legacy. In 2016, he posted an image of his grandfather, writing, "April 4, 1916 – June 12, 2003. Would have been 100 today. I love you Granddad." Earlier in 2016, he also posted a tribute to Harper Lee, the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird." The photo showed him as a baby sitting on her lap. As The Times reported, Gregory and Harper Lee remained friends for life after making the film together. "Today the world lost one Harper. You will be missed by all. Rest in peace," Harper wrote in the caption.

Harper is currently studying at NYU, but he is also a model. In 2018, he posted a photo taken by photographer Matt Clayton. That same year, he posted an image from a photoshoot for Point de Vue magazine. In 2020, he even posted a throwback image that showed him walking the runway at a fashion show for designer Wolk Morais.

Harper Peck-Voll is dating Natasha Connery, another famous grandchild

Harper Peck-Voll's grandfather isn't his only claim to fame — it turns out, he also has a pretty famous girlfriend. In 2022, Guest of a Guest reported that Harper was dating Natasha Connery, the granddaughter of 007 himself, Sean Connery. It seems these two bonded over their shared experiences of growing up in a famous Hollywood family. Apparently, the pair live in New York and have become quite the it-couple.

Based on their Instagram pages, the pair seem to be completely besotted. In January 2022, Natasha posted a series of photos, writing, "Happy new year." Amongst them were a few snaps of Harper. Harper also posted his first image with Natasha in January 2022. He posted another in July, writing, "I miss my happy person and my happy place." On November 4, 2022, Natasha posted an image of Harper with his dog for their one-year anniversary, writing, "Lucky me, 1 year with you." 

Harper Peck-Voll has spoken out about social justice issues

Harper Peck-Voll is named after the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird." In the film version, his grandfather, Gregory Peck, played Atticus, the lawyer who dared to stand up for an innocent Black man in his small, racist town. During the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement, Harper spoke up for racial equality in an Instagram post dedicated to his namesake.

"Yesterday I visited Harper Lee's grave in Alabama," began his caption. "While there, I got notifications on my phone about riots breaking out across the U.S." He went on to explain that he was shocked to see how America had, in his opinion, regressed since the publication of Lee's novel. "Racism and racial inequality are a systemic part of everyday life for millions," he wrote. "We cannot stand for this." 

He went on to encourage his followers to donate and stand up for social justice. "Do the right thing," he urged. He concluded with a phrase from Lee's novel, writing, "It means trying to understand what it's like living in someone else's skin." His grandfather and Harper Lee would undoubtedly be proud of him.

Ondine Peck-Voll is a student at Duke University

Gregory Peck's youngest grandchild, Ondine Peck-Voll, is the younger sister of Harper. She was born in 2002, just one year before Gregory's death. According to her LinkedIn page, she studied at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, like her cousin Chris did before her. She also did the International Baccalaureate program at Aiglon College, graduating in 2020. She received excellent grades, scoring 7 in all of her courses.

As of 2023, Ondine is studying Visual Media Studies with a certificate in Entrepreneurship at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. She is set to graduate in 2025. As Ondine wrote on her LinkedIn page, "My ambition is to be at the forefront of making exceptional and impactful entertainment." It seems that Ondinie is a proud Duke student. In 2021, she posted an image of her and her friends at a student game, writing simply, "Duke!" Despite her famous family, it's lovely to see Ondine enjoying an ordinary experience at college.

Ondine Peck-Voll might be following in her grandfather's footsteps

While Ondine Peck-Voll may be studying media, it seems that she has inherited her grandfather's passion for acting. In addition to her studies, she is also the secretary of the Duke Players, a student theater company. "As Secretary, I administrate the entire program and my responsibilities include selecting plays," reads her LinkedIn bio. "I also appeared in and/or produced four student films and three Duke University theatre productions." Ondine is also on Backstage, the casting website, where her credits include a 2020 Samsung commercial and her training includes workshops with theater companies like Commedia Dell'Arte, Frantic Assembly, and Theatre de Complicité.

In 2019, she also did a summer course at Columbia University in digital filmmaking.

It seems that in addition to acting, producing, and filmmaking, Ondine is also pursuing singing. She released her first single "Afterparty" in May 2023 under the artist name OPV.