Embrace Your Edgy Side With These Black Lip Liner Looks

You don't need to be a fashion expert to know that the Y2K revival has been on everyone's radar lately, with countless styles resurfacing and becoming trendy yet again. The '90s was an era filled with crimped hair, overplucked eyebrows, and shiny lip gloss. One defining makeup trend that's making a comeback from the era is black-lined lips. Celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson, and Jennifer Lopez all famously wore the iconic '90s lip trend, showing us just how good this makeup style can look.

If you're on the hunt for an updated way to wear this trend with a modern twist, there are countless options you can try. Celebrity makeup artist and Catrice Cosmetics ambassador Robert Sesnek explained to PopSugar that "The late-'90s version was almost a dark ring of liner without blending, where the lip liner almost looked like a ring around the upper and lower lips. The best way to update this trend is better blending and diffusing of the deeper liner shade into the lip color." Embrace your edgy side by rocking these unique black lipliner looks.

Gloss and shine

For a toned-down style that still embraces the dark lip liner, try this stunning gloss and shine makeup look. To recreate this eye-catching lip style, use a black liner to gently outline your lips and then gently apply a brown-toned shiny lip gloss to your lips. Avoid covering your entire lips with the brown gloss to allow some of your lip's natural color to come through. This bold but elegant look is super versatile and can be worn on a night out on the town or for a classy dinner date.

Violet edge

On the hunt for an edgy, dark look that makes a bold statement? This goth-inspired style is the perfect look to try. Outline your lips with black lip liner, and fade it slightly inwards onto your lips. Then, take violet lipstick and apply it to the inside of your lips. Use your fingers to lightly pat the two colors to create a seamlessly blended look. You can keep your lips matte or add a clear gloss to give your lips a shiny, dewy look.

Fiery red gloss

Rather than sport a classic red lip, consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and rocking red lips with a flare to them. Pair fiery, dark red lips with your classic black liner to create this gorgeous and flattering look. Start by outlining the outside of your lips with black liner, and then add a bold red lip color or stain to them. Top off the lips with a coat of clear gloss for a smooth, shiny finish to complete your makeup. Match your eyeshadow with your lips to create the ultimate daring makeup look. 

Ombre fade

We are obsessed with these ombre-faded lips. Get creative by creating a gorgeous ombre effect that fades from dark to light from the top to the bottom lip. Start by outlining your lips with black lip liner, and then smudge the liner on the top of your lip downwards to cover close to the entire upper lip. Then, add a pink gloss to your lips to create a shiny, glossy ombre glow. You can even add a pink lip stain to the bottom lip for a look that pops.

Frosted cupid's bow

Accentuate the natural shape of your lips with this stunning frosted cupid's bow lip look. Show off your artistry with this eye-catching and bold lip design. Start by using your lip liner to play up your cupid's bow by outlining your lips with your black liner. Then, smudge the outer corners of the lips inwards. Smudge the cupids bow downwards, and on the bottom lip, smudge the liner upwards to recreate this style. For the ultimate statement, match your eye makeup to your lips with a pop of pink eyeshadow and long, voluminous lashes.

Pop of pink

This classic makeup look is perfect for subtle lips that look good with any makeup look. You can easily achieve these lips by outlining your lips with black liner and blending the outline to create a soft, smudged look. Then, add a pink gloss to your lips for a shiny, dewy finish. If you want more pink, add a light pink lip stain to your lips before the gloss, and add a bit of light pink eyeshadow to your makeup. 

Hint of orange

Black lip liner works best with lighter shades that don't cover up or clash with the dark tone. To add some color, pair black lipliner with a light orange hue for this gorgeous look. To recreate this makeup style, outline your lips with your liner and add your light orange lip gloss to them. You won't have to blend the liner in as much since this look emphasizes a clean and put-together finish. Have fun with this look by trying out other bright colors and shades.

All black

Commit to the look with these all-black lips that are perfect if you're looking for a makeup style that's bold and goth-inspired. Outline your lips with black liner first to emphasize your lip's shape and to create a clean look. Then, add black lipstick to your lips for a soft, matte finish. If you prefer a glowy look, add clear lip gloss over your lips for a glossy, shiny finish that will make your lips stand out. Add a bit of subtle eyeshadow for a balanced finish.

Soft black

Black lip liner doesn't have to be intense and dark, and you can still use it even if you're going for a soft, subtle lip. For this look, you'll want to use the lip liner to gently draw over the outline of your lips. Then, add pink, or neutral lipstick for a seamless matte finish. For a dewy look, add a coat of clear lip gloss over your lips for ultimate shine. Complement your lips with winged eyeliner for an effortlessly chic style.

Black outline

If you prefer the style of a thinner, more precise lip liner, this is the perfect makeup inspo to use for your next makeup look. To copy this lip style, carefully apply a thin line of black lip liner outlining your lips. Instead of smudging it to create a blended or ombre effect, leave the liner as is and apply pink or neutral lipstick to your lips. Then, add a coat of shiny lip gloss to seal the look.