Why Kate's Captor Might Look Familiar On Days Of Our Lives

"Days of Our Lives" viewers are currently watching Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) fight for her life as she's being held captive by a very familiar face. Although Kate was originally presumed dead after fans and many Salemites believed that Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) had shot and killed her in Greece, it was revealed that she was very much alive and biding her time until she could return to her beloved husband, Roman Brady (Josh Taylor). When Kate's captor, Dimitri Von Leushchner (Peter Porte), was finally seen, many fans noticed that the character had played a role on the soap in the past. However, it was on the sudser's spin-off series, "Beyond Salem."

In 2021, Dimitri posed as a handsome ISA agent named Kyle Graham. Kyle was seen working closely with Kate's daughter, Billie Reed (Lisa Rinna) as he assisted her in obtaining the Alamain gems — which were tied to deadly lasers around the globe. The two eventually got flirty during their world travels to get their hands on the jewels. However, once all of the gems were assembled into the Alamanian Peacock, Kyle and fellow ISA agent Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy) took them away. However, neither man was who they claimed to be.

Kyle was actually Dimitri and Shane's own evil twin Drew Donovan was posing as his crime-fighting brother. Thankfully, the ISA did intervene and Dimitri and Drew were both arrested, saving the world from the chaos that the gems could have caused.

Dimitri previously caused trouble on Beyond Salem

Dimitri Von Leuschner is also related to other "Days of Our Lives" fan-favorites: Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell) and Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock). Dimitri is the cousin of Carly and her brother, Frankie. As a member of the Von Leuschner family, Dimitri believed he had a claim to the Alamain gems because they were supposed to be part of Carly's dowry when she married Lawrence Alamain. However, because Carly and Lawrence's first wedding never happened, the gems weren't passed over to the family. Although the pair did eventually tie the knot, the Alamains still didn't give up the jewels and reminded Dimitri that Carly eventually killed Lawrence.

For his part, Peter Porte — who is also known for his work on "The Young and the Restless" — was thrilled to reprise the role of Dimitri on the soap and revealed that he was surprised to have a lengthy storyline. "I thought that was the end," the actor told Soap Opera News. "That was fun. See you later and then suddenly I got that call in October of last year, and they said, 'Would you like to come back?' I thought, I'll come back and do a couple of episodes and then a week later I received a contract for an extended period of time."

Fans are now excited to see what lies ahead for both Kate and Dimitri as they navigate their dangerous adventure together.