Milk Bath Nails Are Getting A Sparkly Upgrade With The Celestial Shimmer Trend

Milk bath nails have been making a splash on the red carpet, and why not? They combine a classic milky whitewash that highlights the beauty of your natural nails, and some even include vibrant flowers to give them a fresh, summery look. However, all those flowers can be a little overbearing when it comes to your next black-tie affair. 

If you want something a little more subdued, try some celestial shimmer. It takes the classic milky white finish of the milk bath and gives it an all-over glow with a chrome or glitter top coat. While Jennifer Lopez sported a classic celestial shimmer style with a faded French manicure, you can get more creative with your nail art by adding multi-colored sparkles, a fun tip, or even a little bling.

Incorporate the shine of the cosmos by checking out a few trending celestial shimmer looks below. You can keep it classic or go a bit more extreme to make this trend your own. 

Classic celestial shimmer that works for every occasion

You aren't always looking for your nails to jump off your fingers, like the pages of a magazine. Instead, a little red-carpet shine with a more natural look can be perfect for going out in your new dress or attending that business meeting with your new client. Instagrammer @ceciliesneglekunst provides a classic milk bath look but adds plenty of shimmer and shine on top of it. The glittery style is set off by the clean rounded tip and milky finish, making it one of those nail styles you can't go wrong with.

Cosmic green flecks that are out of this world

When it comes to a black-tie affair or a wedding, you don't want your nails to overpower your outfit, but you still need them to have a little wow factor. Make your nails 100% better instantly like nail guru @ss_nailstudio by giving them a basic milky white finish before adding green flecks to make the light reflect off them every way you turn. The vibrant green glitter adds a galactic shine that mimics looking up at the galaxy and having it twinkle back at you.

Long stiletto tips that really make a statement

Keeping your nail art simple sounds good in theory, but if you love to add a few flourishes, it can be limiting. While you can rock the celestial shimmer trend with a simple round or square tip, put your own spin on it by delving into the waters of the stiletto. It's a look that's definitely going to make a point and gives you the freedom to show more of your personality. Nail tech @clawzbylovely makes this shimmer gel nail style pop with embellishments on the middle, ring, and pinky fingers. While the bow and rhinestones keep it simple, the cute Sanrio character makes it fun and stylish. 

Simple shimmer to bring your milk manicure to life

The beauty of the celestial shimmer trend is the simplicity of it. The combination of the white and the shimmer gives the style a classic look that's perfect for any blushing bride on their big day. The nails will glow under the lights of the camera and look amazing against the white or ivory dress. Plus, your manicure will stand out against the basic French manicure that most brides sport. Another bonus of this nail art, from @lushousbeauty_, is that it works well with a rounded, square, and even stiletto tip.

Silver butterflies make it flutter

Celestial shimmer is the perfect nail trend to ring in the spring and summer months. It's clean, simple, and oh-so chic. However, just like the milk bath brings a few flourishes with flowers, you can make this glittery nail trend stand out with fun stickers. Nail artist @nailsby_bryssrc adds a few lovely silver butterflies that look ready to fly right off the nails. Milk bath nails aren't going anywhere, with several A-list celebrities continuing to rock them, but you can add some cosmic flare to your milky polish by trying the celestial shimmer trend. Your nails will be ready to light up the night.