The Biggest Fashion Mistake Stacy London Saw During What Not To Wear Makeovers

Running for an impressive ten years, "What Not To Wear" gave us plenty of transformations. In her ten years as stylist on the show, Stacy London imparted a lot of advice to those on the show and continued to give out advice afterward.


In a 2013 interview with Redbook that came out before the final season premiered, London shared some of her best memories from the show as well as a few of her favorite styling tips: "If you're holding on to clothes from high school just because you can fit in them, throw those out right now! Keeping styles that no longer reflect who you are is denying that you've evolved. There is an expiration date on wearing things that are either falling apart, or that just speak to another time in your life. We're all afraid of change, and sometimes that stops us from finding a look or a style that really speaks much better to who we are now."

Basically, unless you really love an item, it's time to throw out those jeans that you've been holding onto despite the fact they're stretched out and faded. 


The hit show focused on not only transforming people's wardrobes but also their mentality

Clothing can bring a sense of comfort for many people, particularly if the item of clothing holds fond memories, but that sense of comfort shouldn't stop you from finding your style now. 

If there's anyone who understands that clothing can be a security blanket for some, it's London. "We had people who confided in us, who trusted us. And I think we took that responsibility really seriously," she told Refinery29. "The most incredible thing about 'makeovers' — or whatever you want to call them — is the transformation process. Because transformation is hope." This ethos is what made "What Not To Wear" stand out from other 2000s makeover shows, which had a tendency to demonize not only different body shapes but also encourage people to change things about themselves with surgical procedures.


This isn't to say "What Not To Wear"' was perfect. Some participants of the show had distinct personal styles that were washed away for pieces considered trendier at the time, thus giving the message individuality is only good up to a certain extent. Despite this, one style tip that London gave holds up particularly well.

Though fashion tips can be useful, take them with a pinch of salt

Speaking to HuffPost, one of London's biggest pieces of advice was to figure out what works for you and stick with it, though she did say that allowing yourself to try on different clothing items is key in the process. "Stick with what you know means stick with the sizes and shapes that work for you. Think of a pie chart when you think about your wardrobe. Split it up into quarters: Neutral basics, solid colors, prints, and textures. If you have that ratio in your closet you won't have to stress out every time you go to your closet to try and mix and match," she shared.


Whatever you think of the show, London gave a lot of women the courage to dress differently throughout the 2000s and 2010s. It isn't just participants of the show, either — London shared that some of the "What Not To Wear" contestants taught her how to dress joyfully during her time on the show, and later on, mentioned that her own style has evolved. 

In the decade since "What Not To Wear" has ended, a lot has changed in terms of body positivity and the way we discuss bodies. Still, some of London's core styling advice is solid as long as you remember to stick to what makes you feel your best.