Queen Camilla Embraced Puppy Love With Her Coronation Gown

Queen Camilla arrived at King Charles' coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey in a gown that stunned the nation. The elegant dress was designed by Bruce Oldfield, a British fashion designer known for working with Princess Diana and Queen Camilla. Oldfield shared, "It [came together] remarkably fast, because I've been making dresses for her for 10 to 12 years, so I kind of know what she likes" (via Entertainment Tonight). Oldfield claims his vision for the gown was to be more light than formal, and he planned to have fun with the gown. He didn't want it to be a bold, eye-catching piece that stole the attention away from King Charles (via The Cut).


The regal gown was made from beautiful ivory peau de soie silk fabric and adorned with breathtaking gold and silver embroidery (via People). It was the personal touches embroidered along the hem that caught the public's attention.

Queen Camilla included her two rescue dogs on her gown

The queen's two beloved rescue dogs, Bluebell and Beth, were featured near the bottom trim of her dress. The two Jack Russel Terriers were embroidered in gold near the hem of the dress, and although not immediately visible, the two pups' place on the gown made quite the buzz when noticed by the public and the media. 


Per People, Queen Camilla adopted Beth in 2011 when she was just 12 weeks old, and Bluebell at four months old in 2012 from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in South London, which she's visited for years. Oldfield shared with The Cut that he played no part in advising for any of the personal details in the dress, claiming, "I didn't suggest any of them." He noted that the queen was confident about her vision. 

The two rescue dogs weren't the only meaningful symbolism present on the gown, as the dress featured various personal tributes and symbols in its design.

The regal gown featured symbolism

The gown also featured the names of Queen Camilla's grandchildren, her royal cipher, and symbolic representations of the four nations of the U.K. (via Entertainment Tonight). The dress was adorned with a rose for England, a thistle for Scotland, and a shamrock for Northern Ireland, as well as a daffodil for Wales (via The Cut). 


According to PureWow, the queen consort honored the late Queen Elizabeth II with her Robe of Estate, a beautiful velvet purple featuring embroidery of some of the monarch's favorite flowers, including myrtle, which symbolizes hope. The robe also featured delphinium, the birth flower that represents the queen consort's birth month, July (via Royal UK). Queen Camilla's necklace also ensured Queen Elizabeth wasn't forgotten at King Charles' coronation.

Along with the late Queen Elizabeth, Queen Camilla made a point to honor her daughter, Laura Lopes, with a subtle nod to her wedding anniversary. Within the embroidery of the monarch's favorite flowers was a lily of the valley, which was also featured in Lopes' wedding day bouquet (via PureWow).