Jessica Simpson's 3 Children Are Growing Up Before Our Eyes

The following references sexual abuse.

Pop superstar and accomplished fashion designer Jessica Simpson wears a lot of hats, but none more important than being a mother to Maxwell Drew, Ace Knute, and Birdie Mae. The powerhouse singer, who shares her three children with husband Eric Johnson, has been honest about the ups and downs of parenthood. But in the end, the challenges and unpredictable situations are always worth it. "As far as parenting goes, I mean, everything is exhausting, right?" Simpson told Yahoo! Life in 2022. "Sometimes it feels impossible, but then your kid will say something so outrageously amazing — this tiny human you're raising to be, like, the future of our world. You never know what they're gonna end up doing."

While Simpson's kids didn't choose to be public figures, their mom is a very famous celebrity, which means the spotlight is never too far away. What's more, the songstress has been more than willing to speak about her little ones in interviews and share photos of them on social media. It may seem like it was only yesterday when she announced that she was pregnant with her firstborn, but Jessica Simpson's children are growing up before our eyes.  

In 2012, Jessica Simpson officially became a mom

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson's introduction into parenthood began on May 1, 2012, when they welcomed their first daughter, Maxwell Drew. She weighed 9 lbs. 13 oz. It would not be long before the couple added to their family with the birth of their son, Ace Knute. He was born on June 30, 2013. After raising two small children who were close in age, they waited several years before having their third child, Birdie Mae. She was born on March 19, 2019, and weighed 10 lbs., 13 oz. "Maxwell was hoping to maintain her record of the biggest baby in the family and now Birdie has her beat by 1 lb.," a source told People at the time of Birdie's birth. 

Of course, life in a family of five is not always a breeze, and Simpson hasn't tried to sugarcoat motherhood's challenges. "Three kids is no joke. It is definitely constant, and the biggest challenge for me is trying to be present when I am pulled in so many directions," she told People. "They are all in such different phases now."

Her son has a Swedish name to honor his heritage

You may think that Jessica Simpson's son, Ace Knute, has an unique name, but in the world of celebrity baby names, his isn't that out there. Unlike other celebrity baby names, Ace Knute is not based on a piece of fruit or a color, nor was it totally pulled out of thin air. As for how you pronounce the middle name? "Ace Knute (pronounced Ka-nute) Johnson has arrived! Mom and baby are doing great," Simpson's rep told Us Weekly at the time of Ace's birth. Evidently, the name didn't resonate with everyone, and there was debate on social media and some criticism (the same thing happened when she named her third child, Birdie). 

Ace Knute is named after his father's paternal grandfather, Knute Johnson, making it a beautiful way to honor one of their relatives. Knute is Swedish for "knot,"and it is typically a boy's name. It's a moniker that not only represents strength, but it is personal. 

And as for Ace's first name? It seems to be a perfect fit, too. As Simpson wrote in a 2022 Instagram post, "Apparently we gave him the right name because he truly Aces it all."

Jessica Simpson was 'excited to have a son'

Ace Knute is Jessica Simpson's only son, and having a boy added an interesting dynamic to the family. She was so eager to become a boy mom that she accidentally divulged the baby's sex during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." 

"I just feel awful, I've been vomiting," the expectant mother shared on the late night chat show in 2013 (via Today). "The crazy thing is, I never knew a wiener could actually make me nauseous." The singer quickly realized she'd offered up too much information, adding, "Well, I guess I just told the world I'm having a boy."

"I'm so excited to have a son," she told People ahead of the arrival of her second child. "I didn't grow up with a brother and I think the unknown is really exciting. I can't wait to have that connection with our little man." But having a second child so close in age to her first was not easy, although Simpson better understood what to do this time around. "I felt like I was in eternal new-mom mode! Because I had just had Max, so much was familiar to me, and that really helped me through my second pregnancy, she told Parents (via E! News). "Eric and I are calm and supportive."

Jessica Simpson's eldest daughter is friends with another celebrity's child

You might think Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian became dear pals after meeting at some industry event back in the '00s. While they definitely crossed paths way back when, their friendship truly blossomed years later — and it's all thanks to their daughters' sweet friendship. Maxwell Drew is besties with Kardashian and Kanye West's eldest kid, North. So much so, Maxwell even attended North's extravagant summer camp-themed birthday party in Wyoming in 2022. 

Following the excursion, Simpson's eldest daughter talked to the Daily Mail about her buddy. "She's really funny," Maxwell said. "I think she's my favorite. She's really fun too."

Simpson is also a big fan of the pint-sized duo. "One of Maxwell's best friends is North," she shared with Us Weekly. "She is amazing. She is a great kid, and she will be a part of a change in this world." She told the outlet that they also lived in the same area, which made it "easy" for the girls to get together.

Jessica Simpson's kids are her 'everything'

As far as life-altering moments go, becoming a parent is at the top of the list. Striking a balance between raising little ones and finding time for yourself is not always easy — especially not when the children are young. Just ask Jessica Simpson. "Life has completely changed," she told People after her first baby arrived. "From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!"

While parents have to sacrifice a lot of themselves to raise their children, the experience is also beautiful and rewarding. Just ask Jessica Simpson. "When I hear my kids cackle, it's the most healing sound. It's contagious. My whole family starts giggling together, and it's like some form of happy laughing therapy," she said in Shape. Later in the interview, she gushed, "Family is everything to me."

Of course, Simpson's not just there for the happy and light moments. As a source dished to People, "Even while struggling during her pregnancy [with third child, Birdie], she volunteered at her kids' school. Her life is very focused on her family and making it fun for the kids." 

Jessica Simpson called having Birdie Mae a 'miracle'

Years after Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson welcomed their second child, they weren't sure if they'd totally closed the door on having more kids. "We always practice," Simpson cheekily told ET in 2018. "But it would definitely have to be a miracle." The singer also told Ellen DeGeneres in 2017 that a third kid wasn't in the cards. "We got an IUD. Nothing's gonna get in that uterus," she explained.

Evidently, a miracle did happen: In 2018, Simpson shared that she and Johnson would soon become a family of five. "They were content with the two, and this is a very happy surprise!" a friend told People at the time of the pregnancy announcement. 

Birdie Mae was born on March 19, 2019. There is almost a seven-year age gap between Birdie and Maxwell Drew and six years between Birdie and Ace Knute. While they were, of course, thrilled by Birdie's arrival, it seems like Simpson and Johnson are done having kids for good. "I have no baby fever," she told Us Weekly in 2022. "The third pregnancy for me [in 2019], that was it. I can't do that again. The last pregnancy for me was really hard."

Her daughter Maxwell has picked up on her confidence

The older Maxwell Drew gets, the more she looks like her mom — but that's not all she inherited from her mama. Simpson recognizes that it's crucial to set a good example for her daughter when it comes to the way she treats herself. If she is kind to herself and confident, there's a good chance her children will pick up on this behavior and develop a healthy self-esteem. And it sounds like her eldest already has a strong foundation. As Simpson shared with People, "She truly loves herself." 

"I don't think it's something that I taught other than the way I walked in my life and the example that I [set]," Simpson continued. "I think that when she sees me happy and confident, that's all that really matters to your children is that they see you loving yourself, and [then] it's easy for them to love themselves." 

She's made important changes to her life since having children, including focusing on self-acceptance. In an essay she wrote for Parents (via Women's Health), Simpson dug into the perspective shift that has come with parenthood. "Raising Maxwell makes me realize that I don't want her to see me beat myself up for things like food choices or numbers on a scale," she wrote. "I don't want her to learn anything like that from me."

Jessica Simpson's kids attended school virtually during the pandemic

When COVID-19 hit the United States, families with school-age children were faced with the challenges that come with trying to balance working from home and schooling from home. And yes, even rich and famous stars like Jessica Simpson had to figure out how to navigate what we all called the "new normal." "I definitely had to multitask on a whole new level this year, between my kids being in school on Zoom and being a working mom," she admitted to People

Putting together a schedule that accommodated everyone was just one part of the puzzle. "You have to create different boundaries with your children that you never thought you would have to have," the songstress said to Self. "We teach our children morals and values and how to be kind and sincere and genuine. But, oh my gosh, doing third-grade math nowadays is like doing it in seventh grade. I can't believe these kids have to do this much at home. But they're champions. They're doing a great job."

Still, there was some good to come out of this situation. Simpson spoke about how the time together made Maxwell and Ace closer. "Normally, my son would be at baseball while my daughter is at gymnastics, and they would rarely see each other. But through the pandemic, they've formed a really unique bond that's been precious to watch, actually," she told Self.

Jessica Simpson has opened up about her past trauma with her daughter

Looking at Jessica Simpson, you may think she has a perfect life. She is beautiful and talented and has accumulated an impressive fortune, but Simpson's life has not always been picture perfect. In her 2020 memoir, "Open Book," the pop star wrote about being sexually abused as a child. She has not yet gotten into the details this trauma with her own children, but her daughter Maxwell has been present when strangers have praised Simpson for choosing to include this part of her story in her book. "Maxwell asked me what she meant and I told her that hurtful things happened to me when I was younger that no child should have to go through," Simpson recalled to Us Weekly. "I told her that part of the reason I wrote this book was to help people protect their children as I would always protect her." 

Simpson also believes approaching such a sensitive and personal topic with honesty plays an important role in breaking the cycle. "There is so much power in the truth, especially when it comes to our children," she said. 

As a mother, Jessica Simpson is constantly sharing advice with her children that she feels is valuable. This includes teaching her daughters to treat others with kindness. As she wrote on Instagram in 2021, "I always tell my girls to give a smile and make someone's day, and today Maxi said, 'Mom and Birdie, let's smile and make Daddy's day.'"

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Her son, Ace Knute, may grow up to be a big deal in the baseball world

Jessica Simpson's son, Ace Knute, may very well be a star in his own right one day. "He's good at everything. Everything. There's nothing that Ace is not good at — it's crazy!" she said in People.

Although he is still young, there is one talent and a passion in particular that Ace has: baseball. Naturally, Simpson is his biggest supporter. She has posted several photos of him playing the game or in his baseball uniform on social media, always noting that she is exceptionally proud. But it turns out she knew her son would be a baseball star before he was even born.

"When Ace was in my belly I told everyone and anyone who'd listen that he would dominate a baseball field when he was old enough and would more than likely never ever end up putting the bat down... so far my intuition was correct," she wrote on an Instagram post. "This kiddo is SO naturally gifted, laser focused, instinctual, bats the ball out of the park, pitches strike outs, and owns his confidence with a humble grin. Ace is honestly as good as it gets and as ready as ever to continue exceeding with pure excellence. I am so proud of my only son." Athleticism sure seems to run in the family: Eric Johnson is a former NFL player.

Her eldest is already proving to be a bit of a style icon

Jessica Simpson not only was a style icon in the '00s, but started a clothing line for women and children called The Jessica Simpson Collection. Her brand has been exceptionally successful and is believed to have earned more than a billion dollars in sales. All this to say that if Simpson is praising her daughter's sartorial sense, it would seem Maxwell Drew has an eye for fashion.

"She teaches me a lot about outfits, and she is better at putting outfits together than me," Simpson told People. "She's the new inspiration." In the same interview, Simpson noted that she's accumulated quite a bit of clothing over the years — so much that she had to get a storage unit. "I'm a vintage buyer, so I collect," Simpson said. "I have all my prom dresses. All my music video outfits. I went to a lot of proms. That's why we have a warehouse. I'm a keeper for my daughter." 

Sharing similar interests is also a way for Jessica Simpson and her daughter to bond. When she appeared on the Home Shopping Network in 2023 to promote her fashion line, she was joined by her mom, Tina Simpson, and her very stylish eldest daughter.

Her children are already showing an interest in the recording studio

Jessica Simpson's pop music career began when she was still a teenager, and her love of singing began long before that. Her parents recognized her talent early on, and by age 11, she was a finalist for "The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. She secured her first record deal a few years later, and her debut single, "I Wanna Love You Forever," was a smash. Perhaps unsurprisingly, her own little ones have already shown interest in music, too. She once told Us Weekly her children "love being in the recording studio."

"Max and Ace will go down there and listen to me do vocals, and then they get to do it themselves and put all this funny autotune on and record themselves," she said. "It's very cute. They know my songs better than I do. I love that." And as for Birdie? She's also already displayed serious vocal chops, which, of course, impresses her mama. As Simpson shared on Instagram in March 2023, "Birdie girl is my loud belting beauty with a set of lungs and a vocal box that could quite possibly bust mics and speakers." While we may have to wait a few years before her kids decide to release music (if at all), it is interesting to know that this is a passion they could potentially share with their mother.