Here's Why HGTV's Property Brothers Only Airs A Select Number Of Renovated Rooms

Fans of HGTV reality shows will be familiar with "Property Brothers," the renovation series starring twins Drew and Johnathan Scott. One of the highest-ranking programs on the network, this fixer-upper show depicts the brothers as they take homeowners through the process of purchasing and renovating a new home.

Audiences of "Property Brothers" have long wondered about the behind-the-scenes details of the show, speculating about everything from whether or not the homeowners get to keep the furniture featured in their home reveals to how much it actually costs to hire the twins for renovations.

Fans of the series have also questioned whether the renovated rooms featured on "Property Brothers" are the only parts of the house that receive attention from the duo. The brothers have taken to social media to provide an answer to this question, revealing that they often revamp the homeowner's entire house, but that only a limited number of rooms can be featured on the show.

Time constraints influence what is aired on Property Brothers

As mentioned, "Property Brothers" hosts Drew and Johnathan Scott have spoken about the logistics of their renovations, divulging that, even though homeowners typically have work done on the entire property, only a limited amount of rooms can be featured on the reveal portion of the episodes.

This particular detail was mentioned in one of their Facebook Q&As, with the post reading: "A lot of you wanted to know if the other rooms in the house not featured in the show are renovated. We're here to answer your questions with this week's #PBFanQuestions! Typically we renovate the entire house. However, for the length of each episode, we focus on three to four rooms."

They go on to clarify that a separate timeline and budget are created for the rooms not featured in the episode's on-screen renovation, making the numbers stated in the series still accurate to their process. As each episode of "Property Brothers" is roughly forty-five minutes long, it makes sense that the show would focus on highlighting the renovation process of a select few rooms rather than trying to include the entire house.

The Property Brothers often focus on the heart of the home

If you're wondering how the famed Property Brothers decide what renovations to feature on the show, the duo provides a little insight on their website. In a post promoting one of their spin-off series, "Property Brothers: Forever Home," they mention that primary spaces like the kitchen, living room, and dining room are high-traffic areas that add a lot of value to the entire property when upgraded, making them priorities.

While this specifically applies to their "Forever Home" series, it makes sense that Drew and Johnathan would approach the renovations on their original show with a similar mindset. Plus, the team will likely be able to provide more renovation advice that is relevant to the general audience when working on common spaces, as they typically serve the same purpose in every home.

Other than that, the homeowners featured on Property Brothers likely influence the focus of the episode, with the blog Crackerjack23 reporting that the brothers strive to create dream home experiences for their clients honing in on specific spaces.