B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang Hints At Brooke's Future With Ridge In Italy Photo

From the dawn of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester (then Ron Moss) appeared to be each other's destinies. Over the last nearly four decades, the lovers always find a way to overcome the obstacles put before them and reunite. However, in late 2022, Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) concocted a scheme to break them up permanently. He faked a CPS call, and framed Brooke for the call, leading his father to believe his wife was capable of betrayal at the utmost level. 

Ridge immediately fled back to his former flame, Taylor Hayes (now Krista Allen), vowing to pledge the rest of his life to her. In a last-minute moment at Ridge and Taylor's wedding, their daughter, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) exposed her brother's plot. The revelation ended any chance of Ridge and Taylor getting married, as he needed time to sort out his feelings for the two women. Unfortunately, no amount of sorting could have prepared Ridge for what was to come. 

Brooke and Taylor shocked everyone, namely Ridge, choosing themselves for the first time. No longer were they going to fight with the other over the affections of Ridge. They made a pact to become close friends, and neither had shown genuine interest in rekindling things with Ridge. Although that could soon be changing. A recent preview photo of Ridge and Brooke in Italy shows the two engaged in a passionate embrace. 

Brooke and Ridge could be headed for an epic reunion

Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester are as much of a surefire thing as anything can be in the world of daytime television. Somehow, against all odds, they return to one another, forgiving all sins of the past. Katherine Kelly Lang uploaded a picture of herself and Thorsten Kaye in Italy, giving off vibes of reconciliation between the two characters. Lang captioned the photo, "Another photo from press day yesterday. Love the mood of "Brooke and Ridge" here." 

It seemed as if the series could've been heading in the unexpected direction of pairing Brooke and Taylor Hayes, but the picture says otherwise. For fans of "Bridge," the photo signals the high probability of the two finding their way back to each other yet again. For viewers hoping for something different, they made be in for a disappointing next chapter of the saga between the former couple. 

The reintroduction of Brooke and Ridge's son, RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman), was a sign the series could be heading in that direction. This levels the playing field because prior to his return, it was Taylor's kids angling for their father to reunite with their mother. With the line of defense increasing for Brooke, the chances of her and Ridge finding love again are at an all-time high.