Why Russell Crowe Believes He Didn't Get An Invite To King Charles' Coronation

There was plenty happening at King Charles III's coronation besides the historic crowning of a new British monarch. From Katy Perry's seat-finding struggles to Prince Louis' unabashed yawning, there were so many jaw-dropping and downright hilarious moments to be found from combing through the footage from the big day. Some of our favorite moments were seeing what the celebrities and royals who attended the coronation got up to during the event. But there was one celebrity we expected to see who was shockingly nowhere to be found.

Russell Crowe, who was born in New Zealand and now lives in Australia, has to be one of the most well-known actors alive today. So why wouldn't the Aussie actor receive an invite to the coronation? Well, Crowe has an interesting theory about that. According to him, he may have accidentally rubbed the royals the wrong way during his last meeting with them.

His casual greeting to the princes didn't go over well

When you watch a Russell Crowe film, you can expect stellar acting, intense characters, and an overall awesome experience. But when he's not on set, he acts just like any other person. The "Gladiator" actor prefers a more casual approach to the people around him, and he doesn't change that attitude, apparently not even when he's in the presence of royalty. It's because of this that Crowe believes he might have landed himself in hot water with the royal family.

During a chat with Australian radio talk show "Triple M Breakfast Brisbane," the award-winning celebrity delved into his last encounter with the royals, citing the occasion as the possible reason why he didn't receive an invite to the coronation of King Charles. Despite the equerry at that time giving him specific instructions on how he was to address the royal family, Crowe says he just couldn't help but call Prince William and Prince Harry "mate" instead of "Your Highness" upon greeting them (via Mirror). "I thought the equerry was going to pass out," the 59-year-old added.

Crowe isn't a monarchist

Russell Crowe's 2003 meetup with the British royal family could potentially be seen as funny to some but downright disrespectful to others, especially those who cherish and defend the monarchy. Crowe was quick to defend himself against any backlash on the matter. According to Metro UK, he posted a Twitter thread to explain his reasoning for addressing Princes William and Harry as "mate" instead of their official title of "Your Highness". He verified that he himself doesn't believe there's a need for a king but went on to say he believes Charles will do "a good job" as monarch. He wrote: "I view the costumes and the ritual and the pageantry with distant interest, if any."

While it doesn't seem like the royal family will be commenting on the situation anytime soon, we think it's safe to say that the meeting didn't place Crowe at the top of contenders for coronation invites.