What To Expect On The Season 1 Finale Of Hallmark's Ride

While the Hallmark Channel is famous for its original holiday movie roster, its slate of original television series has made a rather big splash, too. The best of the Hallmark original series (all hail the "Good Witch") wasted no time in reeling viewers right in, proving that the channel doesn't only have Christmas content up its sleeve. One of the more recent Hallmark original series that has captured our attention is "Ride," a show that follows a Colorado ranching family who is doing what they can to save their family abode and business. 


Hallmark alums like Jake Foy have joined the series, wrangling in both devoted Hallmark fans and casual TV watchers. The first season of "Ride" is reaching its end, and we are (impatiently) awaiting what will become of the McMurray family once the season's final episodes air. Here is what you need to know about the final episodes of the first season of "Ride," including when they will air, and what they may entail.

There will be 10 episodes for Season 1 of Ride

First off, you may be wondering how many more episodes to expect for the rest of this season. There will be 10 episodes total. Eight episodes have aired so far, with episode nine gearing up to air May 21. "Truths Laid Bare," the second to last episode of this season, will explore Valeria's past as she exposes some of the secrets she has kept over the years, giving more insight into some other characters as well. "[S]ecrets cannot be kept forever as the truth finally comes to light at the McMurray ranch," the show's Twitter account teased. The fallout does not appear good, with one character unraveling after the big reveal.


Though it sounds like the stuff of a dramatic series finale, the last episode of the season will be its 10th, "Andalusians." And it seems like the finale will be the most explosive episode of the season yet.

What we know about the last episode of Season 1 of Ride and the show's fate

The last episode of Season 1 is called "Andalusians" — yes, like the horse — and will certainly be worth the watch for fans of Hallmark's "Ride." According to Celebrating The Soaps, Hallmark teased a high-stakes episode. "It's a race against time, and an unexpected twist will shock the McMurrays to the core," the synopsis reads. The episode will air on May 28. But will the season finale be the last we see of "Ride"?


Alas, only time will tell. Unfortunately, Hallmark has not made an official announcement yet about whether or not there will be a second season of the ranch-set drama. Ratings for "Ride" have likely not lived up to the network's expectations. According to TV Series Finale, Nielsen calculated that each episode has garnered about 1 million views. (To put it in perspective, "Good Witch" pulled in around 2 million viewers a week its first season.) Yet, fans of "Ride" are sure to want the McMurray's story to continue, especially if the Season 1 finale leaves us with the tumultuous twist we are expecting.