5 Sunglasses Styles To Keep You Looking Trendy This Summer

Accessories are a necessary part of your outfit — dare we say, the most crucial part. From celebrities on the red carpet to models on the runway, chances are they're sporting a number of accessories. And sunglasses are summer's hottest decorative piece. Not only are they stylish eyewear, but sunglasses provide UV protection. It's like sunscreen for your eyes.


Your face is one of the first things people notice, and sunglasses take up a pretty significant part of it. You'll want your eyewear to fit you perfectly and add to your style, not take away from it. This season's trending pieces do just that. There is a range of lens designs, frame shapes, and sizes to unlock front-page fashionista looks. The wrong sunglasses can make you appear as if you're hiding a swollen eye or trying to dodge the paparazzi. The right pair of shades will have you wanting to wear them even when you're inside.

For big and bold, try oversized frames

Your sunglasses need to be big enough to block out the sun and the haters. An oversized frame is the way to go for a statement-making accessory. Joshua Matta, designer and CEO of G.O.D Eyewear, told Harper's BAZAAR, "We are seeing bug-eyed mega shades and retro-futuristic white glasses with lighter lenses." Big frames have a star-studded attitude. Some of our favorite celebs love an oversized pair of shades, like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Bella Hadid.


Jumbo sunglasses are a go-to accessory. They fit the aesthetic of both casual and formal wear. And there is no need to worry about whether they will complement your face shape because oversized frames will. According to Matta, "As long as the fit is secure and comfortable, there are no other rules." Plus, you can double up on the trends by going for popular frames and colors in the extra-large look.

Bring in the color with tinted lenses

Tinted sunglasses are the perfect pop-of-color accessory. They won't hide your eyes like a typical dark lens, so keep in mind we can still see your eyes roll. "Color is key this season, with oversized shapes and lenses in optimistic, euphoric colorways — ranging from bold brights to digital pastels — giving any look a fresh pop of color," eyewear expert Heather Stewart-Feldman told Marie Claire. It is great for protecting your eyes from harmful UV and showing off your personality.


Let the eyewear brighten up your ensemble. Matching these colorful shades to your jewelry or shoes creates cohesion throughout your attire. You don't even have to be wearing the fashionable eyewear for it to add depth to your outfit. These sunglasses are a stylish touch simply propped on your forehead like a headband or clasped to your shirt. You can find tinted lenses in a rainbow of shades, from cool-tone blues and purples to super-hot reds and oranges.

Go outside the box with rectangular frames

When in doubt, rectangular frames are the way to go. This standard boxy shape that contrasts smooth facial features is stylish, whether oversized or tiny. The sunglasses complement whoever wears them but are especially one of the best sunglasses for those with a round face shape.


Yeun Sum Cheung, the Head of Frames Development at Specsavers, told Woman & Home, "Rectangular frames are a must-have for everyone this year, as there is something for everyone. You can't go wrong with classic black or tortoiseshell colors, whilst brighter, bolder shades will add a pop of color to all skin tones."

There are many variations of rectangular sunglasses, so you can be UV protected while embracing your personal aesthetic. You can find slim frames that leave your sculpted eyebrows on display, frameless shades that have a Y2K vibe, or a rectangular pair with rounded edges for a softer look. You'll still be on trend if you prefer the even width and length. (Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square.)


Angular cat-eye shades are back in style

Cat-eye frames once had the stigma of an old lady. You know, a grandma knitting a scarf with a pair at the tip of her nose or the librarian with the glasses around her neck hanging by pearl straps. However, what was once retiree fashion is modern-day vogue. Eyewear expert Anna Smirnova revealed to Forbes, " ... [R]etro cat-eye trends are also popular at the moment, especially ones with larger geometrical shapes and bold silhouettes with pointed, long and sharp ends."


If Hollywood it-girl Rihanna is rocking cat-eye sunglasses poolside, then so will we, even if we look a little bit like a librarian on summer vacation. The silhouette of these pointy frames is distinct, creating a statement accessory without needing to be oversized or decked out in rhinestones. Winged eyeliner looks have made makeup lovers a fan of the cat eye, so is it really a surprise these glasses are in the spotlight?

Barbiecore sunglasses are a delicious summer accessory

You are going to need Barbie glasses to block out the sun shining in your Barbie world. A pair of bubble gum pink sunglasses is the perfect accompaniment to your on-trend Barbiecore hairstyle. "Some of the Barbiecore trend elements are actually classic style and fashion," celebrity stylist K.J. Moody explained to CNN. "Who can resist the heart-shaped glasses, upscale glamour and the pink and purple of it all?"


Barbiecore enthusiasts can get all the hottest oversized, rectangular, cat-eye, and tinted lenses in shades of pink and purple. It doesn't have to be purple down to the hinges to be Barbie-approved shades, either. Pink detailing on the frames, purple-tinted lenses, or a glamorous strap is all you need for Barbiecore sunglasses. You can even go for a more neutral shade so it blends into any outfit you wear.